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  1. SinththeSphinx

    Question Asus crosshair 8 hero driver issues stopcodes

    Hello, I am having an annoying issue with my computer, every few days or so, my computer blue screens. I’ve had this issue for the past couple months. It started with an update from asus armory crate. There was a lot of issues and my computer’s stability deteriorated quickly to blue screening...
  2. H

    Question [SOLVED] GPU Driver crashes under load, requires reboot

    Hey, So my PC has been experiencing very odd crashes when under load, as soon as anything visual happens the whole GPU crashes and all sound stops. It's hard to diagnose it, so i tried running my monitor off my integrated graphics, then running a game from the GPU (you can do this @ windows...
  3. D

    Question Radeon rx480 driver crash loop

    Hello I have been having an extremely annoying problem with my Sapphire nitro+ 8 GB OC Rx480. I had just installed a new ssd into my PC and reinstalled windows, after which the radeon driver started crashing every once in a while (sometimes every few minutes, sometimes once in a few hours). It...
  4. T

    Question Driver crash caused by RAM

    For a time now I had the problem that my Nvidia Driver just crashes regulary and I found many solutions to solve my problem. Most post said I had to reinstalling my Nvidia Driver or installing Windows new. There were some others that said, that I should install a different display driver version...
  5. T

    Pixelated Vertical Pink Line on startup and win 10 wont start (R9 280X)

    Hello Guys, I am posting in Tom's Hardware Forum 2nd time in my life, last time it was 3 years ago, The point is when i started my pc today i saw 2 pixelated pink vertical lines on startup then after windows loading screen the display has gone. I accidentally got mobility radeon HD 4300...
  6. LilJB

    Does more RAM equate to Higher Performance?

    Hi Y'all! I have a question about RAM! I currently have a laptop with Nvidia Geforce 930MX. Does adding more RAM (for example, an 8GB RAM) make gaming more enjoyable? will a 16GB RAM make a GPU like 930MX Perform better with games?
  7. D

    Need advice/opinion on a gaming pc build

    Hello, I need advice/opinion on my first gaming pc build. My budget is around 1500$. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor ($328.99 @ SuperBiiz) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212X 82.9 CFM CPU Cooler ($39.99 @ Newegg)...
  8. B

    GTX 980 Ti graphics card is compatible with my Gigabyte Motherboard

    if someone could tell me if the GTX 980 Ti graphics card is compatible with my Gigabyte Motherboard
  9. R

    Small, nice looking, case with handle

    Hey, I'm looking for a case to build a gaming computer. I want something that can be easy to carry around, and to and from friends houses. Also maybe a handle or two. the insides do need a hardrive, USB 3.0 header, and a single cd bay. looks are not as important, but if its simple enough, i may...

    Quiet Fan Replacement for h100i GTX cooler

    Any recommendations for quieter, versatile fans to replace the stock ones for a h100i Cooler? Looking for something that can move a decent amount of air while being slightly quieter than the stock cooler ones.
  11. O

    Is 300 watts enough for a 250 watt build?

    I'm planning on assembling a gaming PC with an asus M11 computer with an i3-4150. If I add a GTX 950, the build should take up <250 watts of power. Is the included 300 watt power supply good enough to not see a performance drop?
  12. J

    Question about HDD+SSD set up

    I have a 256g SSD and 2TB HDD set up with IRST, the HDD is the c:/ drive and all my programs, including the operating system, are stored there. Would I benefit from reinstalling windows onto the SSD? And if so, would that mess with the RAID settings?
  13. G

    does this ram work?

    im thinking of this ram is it good with this computer?
  14. S

    What should i get?

    So. I have £150 GBP. I am depating what to get. Here are my current specs. CPU = Amd Athlon II x4 640 3.0ghz Ram= 8GB 1333mhz dd3 dont know brand GPU = msi Twin Frozr 3 7950 3gb ram MOBO = msi 970a-g43 PSU = Thermaltake 750w toughpower HDD = segate 500gb 5200rpm Fans = 6 AF 120 mm What should...
  15. R

    (AU) Rate my soon-to-be rig

    Hey everyone, With the help of people on the forums, I've designed this rig. Build: It'll be used for recording and editing gameplay. My budget was $800-$900 and I've already exceeded it, so if there is anything I can do to reduce the...
  16. P

    AMD E350 vs Celeron 1037U vs Celeron J1800

    Which one best suits for the following type of use: 1. Light Graphics type application running (WPF/HTML5/Flash) 2. Medium Processor intensive tasks like: Pulling Data from USB devices 3. Multimedia playback (720p/1080p type movies)