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  1. C

    Question Updating driver for Intel HD 620

    So I went on to and it says that my graphics driver is over 36 months out-of date. I have no idea how to update my Intel graphics driver. I've tried driver booster but it did not seem to detect that i need an update for my gpu driver. How can I update it? Laptop's...
  2. HonkHonkTheTruck

    Question How does Nvidia clean install work?

    Hello everyone So, I want to re-install the latest Nvidia driver and do it with a clean install, but I thought that it might be dangerous to do so if the clean install feature does not erase teh current version of the softwar. I wanted to know if performing a clean install only removes the...
  3. AugustusF

    Question GTA err_gfx_d3d_init

    I've recently updated my drivers through Driver Booster 7 (Not through Windows) and ever since, when I play GTA through my NVIDIA driver, whenever I alt tab, I get that error. But If I open it through Intel Graphics and Disabling NVIDIA, it works fine but the graphics is at its worst. Do you...
  4. iShoTz

    Question RX 570 DRIVERS

    I have RX 570 19.2.3 version, I don't have any problems, but the only problem that when I alt tab on fullscreen, i get black screen but i still hear the game (all games) , pretty sure from gpu, so if I update the drivers to the recommended ones (20.4.2) will be fixed?
  5. E

    Question Blue screen error HELP PLEASE I NEED IT

    I wanted to help my dad upgrade his old office computer, so here's the list of parts. Asrock B450M/ac AM4 B450 Motherboard (New) G skill 16Gb (2x8) Aegis DDR4 3000MHZ (Running at 2933 due to chip and...
  6. Maxzloch

    Question No Display (Potential Driver Issue)

    My monitor is no longer displaying from my custom computer tower. I get the traditional "No Signal" message whether I use Displayport or HDMI cables. I tested the monitor by hooking up the HDMI cable to my laptop, and it worked fine. This leads me to believe it is an issue with the computer. I...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Real Tech Audio RTKUWP.exe forcibly using dedicated GPU

    Hi all, I am running into an issue where the program rtkuwp.exe is occasionally running off of my dedicated graphics card. When this occurs there seems to be no way to stop it other than restarting my computer to get it back to using integrated graphics. I am using the MSI GS65 2060 model and...
  8. M

    Question Blank screen after updating Radeon drivers past version 17.9.3

    I have tried countless times with AMD support to solve this issue but I haven't even managed to figure out what is actually causing the issue. I'm going to copy and paste my initial support ticket that I sent to AMD so I apologise if I repeat myself. This issue prevents me from playing certain...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Chipset Driver Update in BIOS?

    In trying to put together a fairly low budget PC for my wife to use, I have recently purchased a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 R2 motherboard. The issue here is that after having put everything together, the motherboard does not seems to recognize Windows 10. Upon looking some things up, perhaps I need...
  10. H

    What CPU should i get?

    So here is my rig: MSI GTX 1060 6GB i5-4460 3.1Ghz 16GB RAM DDR3 MB: ASUS B85M-G SSD AND HARD DRIVE 1TB/120GB I am streaming and gaming in heavy load situations...i need the BEST cpu my motherboard can support,if its doesnt have a big difference should i upgrade my mb? i dont wanna waste more...
  11. T

    Dont know what to do

    So about a month ago i had got a blue screen while i was on my computer. I tried turning ut back on, but couldnt even get a display. I got a new motherboard seeing how my card is brand new and was tested, and the motherboard gave me display again. Now the issue is i cant get past the windows 10...
  12. J

    HELP, building my own PC

    Hi there, I plan to build a computer and have found the parts that (I think) I want and need. Could you please have a look through and let me know what you think? Comments and suggestions are welcome since this is my first born and my computing knowledge is minimal. I will simply use this for...
  13. R

    Does it matter in what slot i put it in?

    Hi does it matter in what slot i put my r9 380 in my ga 990xa ud3 motherboard?
  14. Rafael Mestdag

    How would you rate/classify each MS OS (including Windows 10) now?

    After trying Windows 10 for a while now, this is my classification: 1.Windows 10(Best compromise between Win8.1 and Win7) 2.Windows 7(Best UI graphics by far) 3.Windows Vista 4.Windows XP 5.Windows 95/98/ME
  15. GamingNub

    Help with Graphics Card Compatability

    Hello, My friend is thinking about upgrading his graphics card to a GTX 760 which is the one I currently have and he asked me if it would be compatible with his setup. I know a bit about this sorta stuff but would like to make sure I am giving him the correct answers. This is his computer...
  16. Invisipixel

    Rate My Build

    Can this pc run modded Skyrim, minecraft at max with 60 FPS, LOL, and Battlefield Hardline? It also needs to be dual monitor compatiable, be able to stream with OBS and handle video editing PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant...
  17. G

    Weird problem not sure if its hardware related, but most likely it is!

    First, I thought it is probs related to Nero. So I posted it here: please go through this. I had problems burning...
  18. Ibreakthings

    Computer Noise Foam Does It Work?

    Does computer noise foam really work and if so how does it work
  19. J

    No signal on Monitor

    I have a Compaq Presario (older version) and recently linked monitor was going black whilst remaining ON (green light). I switched it off and then on again and the screen showed the picture for about 5 seconds and then switched off again. I could see a very feint picture under the black screen...