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  1. X

    Question Graphics Drivers keep on crashing and GPU starts smelling

    So the problem is quite straightforward, my graphics drivers just keep on crashing out of the blue whenever I open apps that make use of them. It has mostly been happening while playing some steam game or discord but it also happens randomly while one Youtube (the website) and some other...
  2. O

    Question Please help ---- graphics glitch after AMD driver update ?

    I had this pc for almost 2 years, after the last AMD drivers update everything is glitching, the desktop, the browser, the game EVERYTHING, here is my problem in a video the vid : View: here is a list of things i have tried: want back to older drivers all the way...
  3. A

    Question Is it possible to fix the huge audio delay on ASUS SOAR soundcard

    I bought the soundcard since it was on sale and seemed to have ok specs and my rear io audio port was acting up, I installed it and it sounded fine, I decided to try it out with Osu! (A rhythm game) and I noticed an awful delay of 50-100ms making basically every rhythm game borderline unplayable...
  4. SilentHunterX

    Question How do I safely change from motherboard resources to Intel (R) WTD?

    Hey, I've been recently experiencing random game freezes and slower load-ins into games. The game used to freeze randomly anywhere from 4 - 15 minutes and would force me to exit out of it and restart the game, sometimes even freezing my Start button so I would have to restart the computer to be...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] Win 10/Win7 Dual boot , dual sound card/driver conundrum.

    I have a Dual boot system I've used for years. Win7 - used exclusively for digital audio recording through a PCI card (infrasonic Quartet) and Win 10 for everything else. This worked well with Win 10 using the sound integrated in the motherboard. This last weekend my son installed some...