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  1. 2allu

    Question Desktop very laggy after computer dropped

    Yesterday i dropped my computer and somehow my cpu pins bent. I bent them back and my computer is working again. Today i noticed that my desktop is "laggy" and if i choose a shortcut and try to move it around, the desktop or is it called "explorer.exe" crashes or at least freezer for a while...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Hard drive chirping

    I was gonna buy a hard drive off a friend, but when he was taking it to his pc to format he dropped it on a tiled floor. When he plugged it in, it made a chirping sound but still formatted ok. I have it plugged in and it works ok, but makes some weird sounds. He gave it to me for free so I...
  3. Pyrofadey

    [SOLVED] Broken computer.

    My friend was over and was spinning around in my chair when he forced my mid-tower off of a 4 ft drop while we were watching a movie. Unfortunately it was running and everything was plugged in. Now when I try to turn it on it spins the fans for about 10 to 20 seconds then boots down. The dram...
  4. amir.re6

    Question Dropped my Monitor .now corners are brighter

    hello guys, my LG 24MP59G dropped, and now left and right corners are Brighter, can it be fixed? View: https://imgur.com/a/fyyKgcg
  5. Lawc

    Question Computer fell, now everything runs slow and then shutsdown

    So 2 days ago my PC fell over, so I checked if anything was knocked loose but everything was secured as before, so I booted up and immediately noticed things were running much slower and about 5 seconds after logging into the computer it shutdown on me. I've read an old thread saying it's could...
  6. G

    Different ip classes

    Hello. I own a hikvision dvr with 8 cameras. I have a big problem because i have 2 different ip classes and now my dvr doesnt recognise it. What shall i do to make it work? If i cant see the cameras on my phone the whole system is useless. Please give me a solution someone..
  7. B

    bad caplock key, can I fix it?

    Microsoft Ergonomic 4000, bought 3 years ago. Recently the cap locks key goes bad. It does not work. Can I try to fix it? and How? I bought on Amazon and I think warranty is over
  8. J

    Front nor back audio jacks working

    My front and back audio jacks aren't working. This is a newly nuilt pc and I tried installing Realtek audio driver onto my pc but it won't download, it keeps sending me back to install it after it restarts from "downloading" the drive. I've tried using this AMD audio drive but it wasn't working...
  9. K

    custom water cooling kits

    Hey guys need a little help i am on a upgrading spree at the minute im buy a full tower case and want a custom water loop whats the best kit i can buy with everything i need in a box?
  10. Mojoe134

    RAM overclocking help?

    Hello i have recently built a gaming computer and im trying to squeeze every frame i can out of it for the (deep voice) ULTIMATE GAMING EXPERIENCE http://pcpartpicker.com/p/7ZsvYJ <Thats my build I have a fairly nice motherboard i'd say well capable of overclocking it has this OC genie...
  11. a39232

    cannot get my 7850k apu to switch to my hd 7770 ?

    I have tried everything I could think of (and that was quite a lot) I even tried disabling the onboard gpu in BIOS and putting the HD 7770 in and it still would not accept it. Had to clear the CMOS got it booted up and tried some more. I tried it in my moms computer (FX-4300) no problems however...