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  1. SpecterK1


    Hey, Folks! I actually have never posted a thread in this forum or been bothered to create an account, but now i'm extremely desperate after many attempts back and forth... and none worked! so let's get straight to the point: I have a Dell Computer (AiO Model) from early 2013, the PC...
  2. Ektoplaasm

    [SOLVED] Random fps drops when playing, from 100+ fps to 15

    My specs: Ryzen 5 3600 (Gammaxx GTE V2 Cooler) B450M Plus-Gaming TUF RX 5500 XT (4GB) HyperX 2x8GB 2666mhz Cougar GEX 650w gold So, I can run games like MHW on high and get around 60 fps. I can run DRG on ultra and get 100+ FPS. Even Apex on mostly low for performance and get 180+ fps. The...
  3. F

    Question Huge frame drops on Apex Legends 5% gpu usage

    Before I go any further, here are my computer specs : i7-10700k 16gb 2933MHz Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 750w Gigabyte Power supply 512gb nvme I've been having this very annoying issue on Apex Legends where my FPS drops to like 5 to 20 for like 20 to 30 seconds. I've realized that when the...
  4. Stratosan

    [SOLVED] Game micro stutters.

    Hello there, :p this would be my first post here, I have something that concerns me.. well basically I bought a Lenovo LEGION 3 months ago, and these past few weeks I'd say 4 weeks it has been stuttering during gaming. The laptops specs are : 8GB RAM GeForce GTX 1650 - 4Gbs Processor : Intel...
  5. Binky_Bambino

    Question CPU cores drop to 800MHz and .6V when I load games.

    I built my gaming pc about 4 months ago and everything has been running great until yesterday. When i turn on my PC my CPU cores sit around 4300MHz and 1.2V, and as soon as i load a game (I tried both Apex Legends and Call of Duty Modern Warfare) my cores drop to 800MHz and my voltages drop to...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Fps drops in all games... Is my Power supply good enough?

    Hi, I have made a new build and when i first turn it on and load games up all is very well and runs nice and smooth, an hour or 2 of my pc being turned on then if i try to game then i seem to get fps drops. For instance if im on cod my fps may be at 140 then every minute or 2 i will get a drop...
  7. L

    Question What could be causing my FPS drops?

    Specs: -Sapphire RX 570 4GB -Ryzen 3 2200G -EVGA 500B -MSI B450 MORTAR -HyperX 2X4GB RAM 2666MHZ I have been playing Valorant recently and I can get up to 100(capped) fps, can reach around 105ish fps uncapped but there are also a lot of drops to ~40fps when a lot is happening and consistent...
  8. B

    Question graphics suddenly goes blurry and fps from 60 to 9

    hey guys i really need help , when i play apex legends suddenly the graphics look extremely bad , and fps drop from 70 to 9 , and pc freeze !!! what can cause the issue? i tried to remove gpu and put it again , it works for a few moments and than it freezes and very bad fps and bad graphics...
  9. teralux

    [SOLVED] Multitasking impossible on i7-7700K

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but I tried to do my research, without luck. My problem is somehow more specific as the results I found here. My specs: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon with an i7 7700k on it, 32GB RAM (4x8GB Gskill F4-2400C15D-16GNT), MSI RTX 2070 Armor. Powered by 750 Watt PS...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Witcher 3 Frame dips.

    Hello everyone, Before i start this is my PC Specs. AMD A10-5800k AMD RX 470 4GB. 2x4GB DDR3 1866mhz 750watt PSU 500gb 7k RPM. Recently i have slight problem with this game, it wasnt really annoy me but, i just curious to find out whats wrong, For you that have played the game, on the...
  11. 1

    Need suggestions for gaming storage set up (6 TB set up + Intel Optane).

    I am planning a new build and already have some parts, now I have to figure out my storage set up. I'm new to this Intel Optane memory accelerator concept. The way I understand, it is a way to get faster load speeds on your HDDs? At first, I was disappointed because I read Optane could only be...
  12. S

    Cant install win 7 x64 . Any fix?

    I have Gigabyte h55m-s2 motherboard on my pc with latest bios . When installing windows 7 x64 (support by mother) using bootable usb. The bios got stucks when inserting Pendrive on usb drive. Please is there any fix to install windows 7? anyways i have windows 7x32 but i want x64 architecture...
  13. R

    Is this memory compatible with the selected motherboard?

    Hi there, Just wondering whether the CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 LED Desktop Memory – Black, is compatible with the ASUS TUF B450-Plus Gaming AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 HDMI DVI M.2 ATX Motherboard. I will be pairing it with a Ryzen 5 2600, but I couldn’t find the memory...
  14. X

    Need help with ram!!

    Hi, my computer is currently running on this type of ram https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAGGN79S1004&cm_re=g.skill_sniper_series_1866-_-9SIAGGN79S1004-_-Product The problem is that it is out of stock everywhere and the places that it is in stock, it is overprices asf. So...
  15. D

    Case air flow question

    Hey guys. I've recently build my pc for the first time and had a question about airflow. My case is a NZXT h700i, i have a 360mm radiator with 3 120mm fans on the front as intake. 3x 120mm fans on the top as exhaust and a 140mm fan on the rear as exhaust. But im waiting for my 1080 ti ftw3...
  16. C

    Will old cases fit new parts?

    I have an old thermaltake case and am upgrading my motherboard, cpu, and gpu. is there a way I can tell if the new components can fit?
  17. M

    My Galax Gtx 960 Bricked after flash bios ?

    hey guys after i flash mod bios for my gpu after unsuccessful flashing my Bricked ! How i can FIX it ?!
  18. J

    Ryzen 1700 vs 1700x

    I am building a pc mostly for rendering. Now I am buying the Cpu from amazon. The 1700x is only £3 more than the 1700. Due to the 1700x not having a stock cooler, I went back to the 1700. Is it worth getting the 1700x and buying a good 30-40e air cooler or should I just get the 1700?
  19. N

    Ovetclocking ryzen system

    Hi, I've just completed my new ryzen build from scratch and the components are : mobo - asus x370 gaming f gpu - rx 580 8g strix oc ram - 4x4gb ddr4 fury 2667 case - inwin 707 cpu- ryzen 1600x cpu fan - noctua u12 am4 case fan - noctua monitor - lenovo t22 22inch led ips keyboard mouse...
  20. P

    new problem ryzen 5 1600

    http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3611266/short-lag-spikes-seconds.html#20588004 http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3611266/short-lag-spikes-seconds.html#20588004 http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3611266/short-lag-spikes-seconds.html#20588004...
  21. C

    Which Motherboard should I get?

    So I'm just about ready to start ordering parts for my ryzen build, ill be getting either a 1700, 1700x, or 1800x, depending on my budget in the next month (decided not to go with a 7800x just because of the expense), I don't plan on doing a lot of overclocking, but I might dabble in it a...
  22. M

    Router with allow / Block website capability

    Hello, I am looking for a router that supports the below requirements: 1. Allow / Block websites or URL (Around 500-800 Websites) 2. Supports Firewall Settings configuration (i.e. open or close specific ports). 3. Allows full internet access (no blocking of websites or URL) to particular user...
  23. KrOo12

    Blue screen reboot: 7001

    This is the issue, as soon as computer starts and logs into windows, a blue screen appears saying something about a possible hw error and then it shuts down. Repeting this cycle endlessly. I found the error in the events log: 7001. I have tried running a disk check for errors amd creating a new...
  24. M

    What would be the best and budget friendly for my pc? Heeeelp please!

    I want to ask what would be the best and budget friendly videocard that is compatible to my pc. I need your help guys because i dont have much knowledge about computer. My favorite game was crossfire and i have some problems because of my fps suddenly drops i need 150+ fps so i plan to buy a...
  25. Z

    Static squares across display on boot

    Randomly when I boot up there are static squares (kinda like the static u see on a tv) in a or sometimes just distortion of the color all over the display in a checkered pattern. It goes away after i reboot or sometimes just on its own. Does that mean my gpu is bad as it's still pretty new as i...
  26. M

    [PLEASE HELP] No Connection To Monitor After Connecting Graphics Card

    So about a week ago, I posted a thread of why i cannot connect my graphics card and that was because my PSU was too old, so now I bought a new one and have connected every cable correctly to my motherboard, and all of that, my graphics card is connected too with a 6 pin cable, but when I press...
  27. Tenslaster2980

    Will I have to reactivate my SIM Card if I move it to another phone?

    So I recently cracked my screen on my iPhone 5S (the reason isn't important and frankly embarrassing), and I have a spare 5C at home. Will I have to reactivate my SIM Card for my network provider? My provider is AT&T.
  28. D

    Upgrading, do I need new windows?

    Hello, I plan on upgrading sometime in the near future. I plan on getting this https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3459468 This is what I currently have Specs: Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge...
  29. Z

    Faint Clicking noise from PSU

    Hey guys, so i recently noticed a very faint clicking noise coming from what i believe to be my PSU. When i boot up my PC i hear no such noise, and it only starts when i run a game for more than 20 minutes. Then the sound is continuous. I've looked online and every mention of clicking noises...
  30. A

    Computer will not boot (Help, please.)

    For the last few hours, I have been trying to get my computer to boot. At first, the problem was like the one in this article: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/327145-28-black-screen-blinking-cursor-left-help Now the issue has changed. Every time I boot, where the blinking cursor was, there...
  31. K

    Gtx 1050 ti vs gtx 1060

    I am curious, which is the better card. I am not worried about price. I wanna know what card is better overall. I'm looking for one that will improve my frame rates and I want the better one. I know the 1080's are out but I don't fell like paying that much though. Thanks in advance.
  32. EquineHero

    Is "AMD Only" RAM actually a thing?

    I'm looking for some RAM for a cheap build. I want to get this but it's not a 4x2gb kit. However, there's an 8GB kit that's 2x4GB, which you can find here. I know my motherboard doesn't support high density and I want to avoid a return process if I can. Is the difference between AMD Only and...
  33. M

    Newb Question About Liquid cooling Compatibility

    I'm thinking about buying a new case and mobo soon, so that I can overclock my FX 8300 processor. I just wanted to know what the best case would be for an H100 liquid cooler? and would the MSI 970 Gaming be a decent motherboard for me to use?
  34. A

    More cores or Higher clock speed

    I am pretty new to this pc building business and i am confuse which cpu to pick. there a lot of option and it is has become hard to pick one. so can anyone explain me should i go for higher clock speed or more cores. my main priority would be gaming.
  35. M

    Want To Upgrade 2014 Build

    This is my current build that was done in mid 2014. My current problem is that I'm only able to play Battlefield 4 on Low to Medium Settings, and still have the "FrameRate Drop" notification sit on the side of my screen, and in large firefights it tends to lag a little bit. Never had this...
  36. G

    First Time Build

    Hello Forum, I have been looking at building my own PC lately and was wondering if I make a list of the parts I want, could anyone tell me if they are okay. I have been building radios for about 15 yrs and am comfortable with electronics but never have build a computer before, I am old and bored...
  37. K

    cad desktop or cad laptop

    I frequently need to give some software demo to my clients at their office so i need a good cad machine my boss is suggesting a laptop but the thing i want to ask is that can i build a small form factor cad machine which i can carry with me and if yes please suggest me something and if no please...
  38. G

    How to downgrade to android 4.4.4 KitKat

    Hey guys, So, I upgraded to Lollipop on my motox 2013 and the experience is horrendous. ALL the apps I use frequently Crash. YouTube videos don't play half the time, when they play the image gets stuck and the sound continues. THIS didn't happen when I had KitKat, and It's for this reason I...
  39. K

    Need an aftermarket cooler for Sapphire 7950.

    Hi I am in need of a aftermarket cooler for my Sapphire 7950. My case is an antec 300 which means I don't have a lot of room in terms of length. I was looking at this one but I'm not sure if it will fit...
  40. D

    Best way to utilize these hard drives

    Hey guys, I just build my first pc over the weekend. It was a newegg bundle that included Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB HDD and a SanDisk SDSSDP-128G-G25 2.5" 128GB SSD. I also have a 320GB HDD and a 500GB HDD from a previous computer. My orginal plan was to use the SSD as the boot drive...