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  1. C

    Question What are my options for better internet in my new apartment?

    I just moved into a new apartment and my roommate had already set up the internet. I am a newbie when it comes to networking, but I have little to no internet connection from my room and I also need an ethernet connection for my desktop. It is my understanding that he has a modem/router combo...
  2. nooneisback

    Question Router Keeps Slowing Down One Device

    Basically, my router hinders the performance of one device at all times. First it was my Galaxy Note 8, now it is my desktop (the phone connects perfectly now). At first I suspected that there were too many devices and that the DHCP couldn't allocate them all, but it also happens overnight when...
  3. F

    Question DSL Internet: Insufficient Speed

    I'm currently subscribed to 15 mbps internet speed plan but I'm not getting the desired speed. A so-called technician from the provider informed me that my area is not capable of 15mbps, only 10mbps. But I noticed I am able to reach 13-14 mbps but only at midnight. Was he lying? I've been...
  4. R

    Question (Rural) Wanting to Ditch DSL & Need Help Choosing Alternative.

    Hello everyone. I will be starting online college soon, & I would prefer a faster internet connection. I currently live in a rural area outside of a small town in NE MS. I have Frontier Communications DSL & get 1.2 Down & 0.08 Up. I play games on PC like League of Legends & World of Warcraft, &...
  5. I

    Question My Wireless Router not connecting pppoe while restarting again and again.

    My Wireless Router Linksys WRT1900ACS not connecting pppoe while restarting again and again. while tplonk router gets ip very fastly on single restart
  6. rr1313

    Question DSL internet connection

    Sorry if this is the wrong spot or the question has been asked before, please redirect me then. I recently moved from Romania to Germany and the internet connection here is via DSL, which I'm not used to. My contract is with Telekom, the one for the 175Mb/s line. To use this I need to get a...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Help setting up pfSense with PPPoE DSL connection?

    Hi everyone Over the past few hours I have been trying to get pfSense machine to work without any success My system is as follows My old D-Link (DSL-2740U) Router/ADSL2+ Modem Combo box put to bridge mode with the VPI/VCI of 0/35 and the encapsulation is set to LLC (as instructed by my ISP)...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Packet loss and high ping on wired connection.

    About a month and a half ago everyone on my home network started experiencing TERRIBLE packet loss and high pings. We had 2 techs come out and test our wires only to tell us that there should be no problem with our speeds/quality. I started doing some research myself to try to figure out the...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] DSL router after sometime stop ping/website not open but return to normal after a while

    Hello all I have a Zyxel dsl router.Am facing an issue where after a while the router won't ping and open any website internet will remain connected, but after a while it becomes fine.Kindly tell is it a issue with ISP or faulty hardware
  10. RTTribz

    Question Upgrade suggestions for an old prebuilt

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.newegg.com/amp/products/N82E16883227438 I have this computer from a while back and would like to upgrade it. A stick of ram died so it's only firing off of one of the two sticks. Other than that, the build is accurate. I was thinking I could salvage the CPU and...
  11. N

    Question Asus x99 deluxe ll

    A2 Q code only mouse keyboard plugged in, but have black screen, can't even get into bios tried cmos memory reset any suggestions it's killing me, don't know what else to try, some people saying a USB fault, others Gpu please help
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Advice Motherboard, CPu, Ram

    Hi to everyone , I'm new in this forum, I hope to write in the correct section :) I would to ask you, I need to buy a new motherboard , CPu and ram, actually I have as power supply Corsair cs650m In this days, I see a Ryzen 2600k, I set the budget more or less in 400 euros, which components do...
  13. X

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED]FX 8350 overheating, lost as to what to do next...

    Hey guys, I am at my wits end here... I have a FX 8350 which I have had for several years now, stock speeds no crazy OC. About a month ago I noticed thermals getting a bit warm and decided it was time to clear it of dust and debris. My office is in the basement of my house, and I have animals...
  14. H

    [SOLVED] Do AMD Motherboards support nvidia cards

    so, I'm kinda new to building pc's so i was wondering if a Asus PRIME b450-PLUS motherboard support a RTX 2060 OC graphics card? (Sorry for the bad english)
  15. F

    [SOLVED] Best 1440res monitor for gaming $800

    hi guys ! i need an opinion on buying a gaming monitor im very attracted to the 21:9 i have an rtx 2080 gpu thanks
  16. H

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 occasionally gets stuck on spinning dots during boot

    My recently built PC usually boots fine, but occasionally, Windows will be stuck on the spinning dots animation. Usually, it boots in less than half a minute, but I have waited up to a full half hour stuck on the spinning dots, with no change at all, before I decide to hit the reset button...
  17. K

    Z390 Aorus Master (NVLink Question)

    Hey All! I have recently purchased a Z390 Aorus Master Mobo and I plan on putting 2 GeForce RTX 2080 cards in it. Unfortunately I am not sure what NVLink (3 or 4 slot) I'm going to need to pair the cards. The top two PCI slots look further away from each other than the bottom two. If anyone...
  18. M

    Overclocking the 9700K on an ASUS TUF 370Z Pro?

    It has been quite a wile since I built a PC and normally I had always used an MSI MB. This ASUS Bios has some things im not use to seeing and it seems Im not doing something right. Im trying to overclock the CPU to just run at 5.0 but it seems hell bent on running all over the place. I thought I...
  19. TheStagGamer

    PC takes extra time to connect to internet (Through ethernet)

    I'm currently running my PC through an ethernet connection to my router, but I've noticed that on startup it takes extra time to connect to the internet. I'm running win 10 on a SanDisk SSD PLUS 480 GB so it loads up nice and quickly, however I have to sit and wait for a short while to be able...
  20. J

    Ports not aligning with i/o Shield

    Hey Guys, i need your help. I´ve a problem with the alignment on my board to the rear io Shield. I bought a NZXT H700i and a Asus z370 F. The stanoffs are preinstalled on this case and the board is fitting (i can see all 9 holes for the screws). The i/o Shield is fitting aswell. The problem is...