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  1. Blitzsensenmannhase

    Question Dynamic Super Resolution factors conflicting with monitor firmware

    I've struggled with this problem before even took it to nvdia got alot of support members involved they concluded that the reason dsr and subsequently dldsr do not function properly is due to the firmware of my monitor I have an asus vg34v 3440x1440 21:9 165hz monitor the problem is that the dsr...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 Super DSR?

    Today, i updated my NVIDIA drivers to 460.89 and when i booted up Metal Gear Solid V, I noticed something interesting. The game was running in 4K on my 1080p panel. I had no clue what happened, until about 5 minutes ago, when i stumbled upon this "Dynamic Super Resolution" which has been enabled...
  3. M


    My monitor have 1440x900 resolution, but I’d like to play in games like it is FullHD. What technology will show more accurate results in comparison with native FullHD ? And what technology have more impact and why ? Thank you for your replies in advance!
  4. NightHawkRMX

    Question DSR Issue in TF2

    Hello, I am having an unusual bug with DSR. I have an Overclocked Ryzen 3 1200, Overclocked GTX 1050, and 60hz 1080p monitor. I love the free game Team Fortress 2. My system is powerful enough to run this 12-year-old game with 4x DSR as I get well over 120fps at 1080p max settings normally. I...
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] I7 8700k Performance Issues

    Hey I Have A 1080Ti And Recently Upgraded From A i5 8400 To A i7 8700k To Try To Avoid The Potential Bottle Neck On The 1080Ti After Installing The 8700k My PC Has Been Overall Laggy, Very Light Performance Games Struggle At 30fps And Seem To Have 1-2 Second Input Lag I Have Checked All...
  6. A

    Can i run VR with my graphic card?

    I got the gtx 1050 2gb and im thinking of buying a VR. I play easy games like VRchat and etc. Im just asking if i can run VR on my spec. --------------------------- GTX 1050 2gb 12 RAM Intel core 5 3d
  7. D

    144hz frame lock?

    I recently purchased a dell 27” 1440p 144hz gsync monitor and I love it man the difference is awesome between it and my old 1080p 60hz but I was wondering if is there a way to lock the frames in games at 144 FPS kinda like you do if ya were to turn v-sync on with a 60hz monitor I think if I turn...
  8. Siralextraffo

    CPU and GPU heating problems + massive GPU load

    Hello everyone. I have an Intel i7 4790k and a GTX 1080ti Strix OC; despite being quite a good combo and allowing me to play every game at max details without a single drop, I seem to have some heat and load issue. The cooler is a Cryorig R1 Universal, but I am not sure how to change the...
  9. T

    Boot issues blank screen

    Hi There, I've recently encountered an issue with my system and without taking drastic action, i'm unable to isolate the cause, nor am i able to cause the issue deliberately, it's completely random. My system: MSI Z270 GAMING M7 Motherboard Intel I7 7700k (OCed to 4.5ghz) 32gb Corsair...
  10. Tomhueb

    How easy is it to just replace a GPU (drivers?)

    i know very weel how to install a gpu. its when i put the new one in (1070) will i have to reinstall a whole bunch of stuff??
  11. L

    Graphics Card (750ti)

    I was wondering if my graphics card (750ti) can run minesweeper at a minimum of 10FPS Stable and Smooth. Please answer ASAP!
  12. H

    Can't Find Minecraft Deleted Worlds

    So,the other day I deleted a Minecraft world because I got mad and raged,but I relized it was a big mistake and I want it back,I'm on windows 10 and I cant find it Under the properties of Saves in .minecraft,I tried to click previous versions and nothing shows,some people said it saves into...
  13. K

    Are my Temps too high? (i5 6600k, corsair h50)

    Just built my rig. I'm getting around 60c on prime95 v26.6 with an AIO liquid cooler (Corsair h50). This is for *no overclocking* whatsoever. The i5 chip is stock at 3.5ghz. I feel like for an i5 6600k, with the liquid cooler, it should be lower than 60c. Will I have much room to...
  14. S

    480 or 980gtx - same price

    Hello! A friend is selling his 980 gtx msi card. Its working fine. I can get it for about 20 dollars less than refrence rx 480. What would you guys chose? Im angling towards 480 because of freesync
  15. T

    GPU Load never reaches 100%

    When I play games, my gpu load can't even reach 70%. Is there any way to fix it? My Specs: CPU: FX 8320 (OC'd @ 4.2 ghz) GPU: Powercolor AMD R9 380 4GB RAM: 8GB MOBO: MSI 970A-G43 PSU: Rosewill ARC-M650 HDD: WD Blue 1TB
  16. M

    Could my psu damage my gpu?

    Dear community I had a radeon r9 graphics card that wasn´t working properly (in other systems too), and i therefore i sent it to where i bought it from to get it changed. It was pretty new so i don´t know why it didn´t work, but i was thinking that my psu might have damaged my gpu? My psu is a...
  17. R

    i7 6700k vs i5 6600k

    they are saying if you go for gaming i7 6700k doesnt have many diffrence than i5 6600k aslo if you OC the i5 6600k at 4.5Ghz vs i7 6700k 4.7Ghz the i5 6600k is almost the same does it worth ?
  18. P

    Overclocking amd fx6300 on a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P

    Hi Have a fx6300 ,Gigabyte 970A-DS3P , cx750 psu, a basic set of Kingston ram 1x8gb and a r9280x. And the 6300 is bottlenecking the gpu so I need overclock would it be possible to oc with a dark rock3 from be quiet? Thank you
  19. D

    Look up Verizon account by credit card number on file

    I have discovered my husband has a Verizon account phone number (we r on family plan with t mobile) he has hidden & then denied he has it when it's been on our past years credit card statements. How can I find the phone &/or account number to see who he's now cheating with but lied ?
  20. N

    Good Gpu for me

    Hi there, I am looking for a good price/performance gpu for my first pc build. My mobo will be the Asus Crosshair v Formula Z which i got for a really good price. My cpu will most likely be the Amd Fx 8350 Now, for my Gpu I am thinking of purchasing the Amd r9 280x. Will this be a good Gpu for...