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  1. WTS - Custom Liquid Cooled Dual NVIDIA RTX 3090s/Ryzen 9 5950 16 Core/64GB - $10,500

    I hate to let this awesome machine go, but I'm moving abroad, so my loss is your gain. Machine was delivered to me in November 2021 after getting the custom cooling loop installed for both GPUs and the CPU. Free delivery within 10 miles of zip code 20832 (Olney, MD) or local pick-up preferred...
  2. HieuPhan

    [SOLVED] Dual GPU Installation - Help

    Hi, I built a PC with two graphic cards. One is Gigabyte turbo RTX 3090, the other is GALAX RTX 3090. The PC only detects one of them (I go to BIOS to check). I tested each GPU separately and they both worked. Now I have two concerns: 1) Do I need an NVLink to make the PC detect both GPUs...