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  1. B

    Question Dual boot Windows 10 and Fedora on Laptop with SSD set to MBR

    Hi All, I'm looking to set up a dual boot between Windows 10 and Fedora, but my SSD is set to MBR. From all the videos I have seen, when creating the bootable USB using Rufus, they all set it to GPT. In my situation I'm guessing, I would have to set it as MBR. Will doing this cause any issues...
  2. orlandogr15

    Question Laptop detects external monitor but it doesn't display anything ?

    Hello, I've had this problem with my laptop for a while now and nothing has worked to fix it. Even formatting it did nothing. I've been using an HP EliteBook 8460p (old, I know) and have both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 installed in a dual-boot setup. Everything was fine for a long time, I update...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Really messed this one up! Can't use keyboard/mouse - BIOS problems

    I have been really messing around with an older computer because I am trying to do a dual boot raid 0 with ubuntu/windows 10. I messed it up so much I should be proud of myself but I am just crying. I installed windows on the raid 0 drive and then to get the ubuntu installation to work I changed...
  4. jam500

    [SOLVED] Second boot drive not appearing in BIOS unless the first is unlocked

    I currently have one hdd with dual boot windows and Linux, and a second ssd running HiveOS. The problem is I cannot select the other drive once I've booted up on either one of them. If I have previously loaded up the Windows/Linux drive I cannot select the HiveOS drive from the BIOS boot...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] How would I natively boot linux, windows 10, and os x?

    Building a new PC build and wanna go all out triple booting Windows 10, Linux, and OS X. I'm wanting to do it natively as I have the storage for it. I know kvm is an option, and if it's a better one than I'm willing to go that route but how do I make them all boot natively?
  6. HeadLord

    [SOLVED] Dual Booting (Does files works on both operating systems i got ?)

    Hello Guys, now i have windows 7 installed on my PC and I was thinking about dual booting windows 7 and windows 10 but my question here that I got about 200GBs+ games installed (on steam) so I wanted to ask is it possible that they work on windows 10 ? while I installed them on windows 7...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 & Windows 10 On Seperate Drives! How do i Dual Boot them ?

    hi, i have win7 & win10 on separate hard drives but i have forgot how in the past on boot up i have the option to chose which one to load into each time, if anyone knows please can you let me know as that would be great the other windows 7 that was on another pc and upgraded that to windows...
  8. BBBBonzai

    Partitioning drives and Dual Boot Options

    Hello, I am new to the Forum and I hope I'm doing this right. I have an Asus K55A Laptop with an i7-3630qm 4 core 2.4 GHz CPU, 8 GB ram, a 240 GB SSD in the hard drive slot and a 1 TB HDD in a caddy in the optical drive. I would like to dual boot Windows 10 and some form of Linux mostly to...
  9. ddule.srb

    Question How to create a Dual-Boot system on 1 Hard Disk?

    Hi, simple question. I want to install two Windows 10s on my single Kingston SSD 240gb. I split the SSD into 2 parts, one is my main partition which has 160GB and the other is about 80GB in which i want to install the other Windows 10 and be used for small things and not storage (saying that...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] How to change dual boot to just going to BIOS and using override to boot up the other system from 2 different disk drives

    I have an SSD and an HDD I have windows 7 on my HDD and windows 10 on my SDD, but I want windows 10 again, because my windows 10 got removed and I dont want to transfer my files to my HDD to SDD, I want to use my SSD because I got hardware banned for an accidental glitch, and I need to change...
  11. C

    Question Windows 10 Pro stuck at restarting

    Hello, I can't update my windows 10 version, because it keeps getting stuck at restarting. I have a dual boot system, I use windows 7 ultimate as a main, and windows 10 pro as secondary and if I want to use windows 10 pro I have to get into bios and do it there, also I need to use windows 7
  12. ajreaper

    [SOLVED] Dual Booting with two C: Drives

    I'm preparing for the EOL of Windows 7, but I don't want to not have it because, well, I love it. My current setup is one hard drive for the Windows 7 (and its files) and another hard drive for backing up the first hard drive on a schedule. What I want to do is buy a third hard drive (no...
  13. S

    Question How to transfer dual boot Windows 10/Linux drive to two seperate drives?

    My system currently has a dual boot setup with Windows 10 / Linux on a single Samsung SSD with MBR. I just got a new, larger Samsung SSD. I want to transfer my Windows installation to the new drive and keep my Linux install on the old drive. I want to keep both drives in my system and select...
  14. A

    Question Removing EFI system partition a good idea?

    Hello, I tried to dual boot ubuntu with my windows 10 but after what seemed to be a successful attempt, i realized that it just did not work anymore the boot ui (where it allowed me to select which OS I would like) just did not show up and I got booted straight to windows. On top of that, I had...
  15. C

    cannot connect to router with hardwire

    dell xps8900 desktop wont recognize ethernet cable when plugged in. Cable is good as it worked on laptop