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  1. C

    Question Windows 10 Pro stuck at restarting

    Hello, I can't update my windows 10 version, because it keeps getting stuck at restarting. I have a dual boot system, I use windows 7 ultimate as a main, and windows 10 pro as secondary and if I want to use windows 10 pro I have to get into bios and do it there, also I need to use windows 7
  2. D

    Question "Mount the EFI Partition System fail" while updating BIOS, on a Dual OS Partition System

    I currently have an Acer Aspire 5 A515-51G laptop, running on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 as dual boot, and I want to update the BIOS. Windows 10 is in the SSD and Ubuntu in the HDD. Both these disks are MBR type, and I found out that they require to be GPT in order for me to update the BIOS...
  3. shounakpaul95

    Question No bios screen, no grub after windows update.

    I have a dual boot with Windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04. Last night i got the option "update and shut down" and i clicked that. Today i started my system, and everything was normal. I started ubuntu, and shut down normally. But since then, whenever i start, nither the bios screen nor grub appears...
  4. ajreaper

    [SOLVED] Dual Booting with two C: Drives

    I'm preparing for the EOL of Windows 7, but I don't want to not have it because, well, I love it. My current setup is one hard drive for the Windows 7 (and its files) and another hard drive for backing up the first hard drive on a schedule. What I want to do is buy a third hard drive (no...