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  1. Alpha Radke

    Discussion R6: Dual core issue on a quad core

    I just upgraded to a quad core I5 no HT CPU just to play R6 since they cut support on dual core with no HT but I still get freeze and crash to desktop right on round start when map/characters are loaded. I started big topics on ubisoft forums and steam forums and had this everywhere on media...
  2. D

    Question New PC - Graphics Troubleshooting

    Hello all- I pieced together pretty much a brand new PC. All new motherboard (MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON), video card (the 1080TI), RAM (Gskill ripjaw V), CPU (I7 AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz) and power supply. Hence why I'm worried that one of the pieces is defective, which would be hard...
  3. Question My MSI laptop doesn't show the hard drive !!

    hello i have laptope msi gp72 7re and i have two physicals hard disk one it SSD i put system another one one tb its D drive suddenly the d drive disappear today i checked in devise manger only show C drive i checked also the BIOS after restart the laptop i Click the information manager...
  4. Rafayat Rahman

    Question My pc frequently restarts.

    Hi guys! So I'm facing this complex problem with my pc for a few years now. It might sound simple: the PC automatically restarts! When? It might be any time! Is there any pattern? No, no fucking pattern, which freaks me out the most! Sometimes, it might not restart for 2-3 days, sometimes it...
  5. D

    Question XMS not working, Ram not clocking to full speed

    Hello, I have a Asus z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard. I had a set of ram that is 3200 mhz and the Asus tech support team told me that XMP will not work with that kind of RAM. They recommended I purchase the GSKILL RBG F4-3200C16D-16GTZR, which I did and stuck them into my board today...
  6. D

    Question Motherboard + CPU for old hardware (PCI passthrough)?

    Hi, I would like to know if there exists a reliable mobo/CPU combo that supports some VT (AMD or Intel) that has at least 2 legacy PCI ports. I need to bring some ancient PCI hardware back to life using PCI passthrough in VirtualBox or VMWare that has no drivers for newer OS'es (W2K being the...
  7. Arosha9900

    Question Old game in mid90 about chasing a robber

    Please help me to find this game. There was a robber/prisoner escaping to different regions or country. We have to go after him. By based on the details provided and we have to select the correct country. Ex. Country where famous for tatoos. So we have to select the option of country I need...
  8. F

    Pc freezing while gaming /random bsod win 10

    I had to start a new thread because the last thread got ignored after a while. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/pc-random-crashing-bsod-freeze.3440054/#post-20926105 parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2zyynH I've been dealing with bsods since January, but after some members helped...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Will Ryzen 5 2600 bottleneck RTX 2080?

    I want to buy a RTX 2080 GPU and i have a Ryzen 5 2600. Will the Ryzen make a bottleneck with RTX 2080?
  10. D

    Question GPU only using 8-10%

    Hello, I recently bought an older computer from my friend that he hasnt used in a while. After setting everything up I tried to play csgo and was only getting about 30 fps I checked task manager perfomance tab and saw my cpu was running at about 15-20% which I heard is normal but my gpu was only...
  11. O

    Question fast budget computer

    Hey, I'm looking to build a decently fast budget pc somthing like this, are there any problems with my parts list or any suggestions? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NXpw29
  12. M

    Question GTX 760 VS GTX 950

    Im going to buy this pc. Ryzen 3 2200g 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz MSI AM4 A320M PRO-VH + MSI GTX 950 Double Fan or + Zotac GTX 760 Double Fan or + EVGA GTX 760 Double Fan Price is the same.Just 2USD more 4 the evga gtx 760. My PSU is Antec vp500p. Wath should i buy? I just wanna play Fortnite with...
  13. A

    Question Best computer build for video editing? $5000 budget

    What's a good build for editing? Spent around $2000 on my last computer and it's just not cutting it anymore. Once I start adding effects it's impossible to play the timeline smoothly. My current specs are: i7-7700K 32 GB ram GTX 1080ti graphics card 480GB SSD I do a lot of heavy duty visual...
  14. K

    Question Is it okay to use my GPU without screwing it?

    so is it okay? or will i have some problems, the reason is because i dont have any screw to screw my gpu near on the i/o shield but im using it rn and its working, however is it safe? or should i do something?
  15. jimmyl_82104

    Question HDD to SSD clone works on 1 out of 3 computers

    I used Macrium Reflect to clone the HDDs to SSDs on a Dell Optiplex 9020, 790, and 390. It only worked on the 9020 and not the other two. All 3 of the clones took about half an hour, and all of the partitions were the same size. Just on the Dell Optiplex 390 and 790 they won't boot. They both...
  16. G

    Question What PSU would you recommend for this build?

    I am currently working on assembling a new work/gaming PC and already have all of the parts in mind except for one - the PSU. I'm not sure what wattage would be considered not enough or overkill for the system I have in mind, and I'm not particularly knowledgeable on quality or manufacturers. If...
  17. R

    Question where to find RTX 2060 founders edition

    Hello at first the 2060 card founders edition was on the nvidia website, but now its removed? anyone knows why ? and where to get one?
  18. S

    OpenVPN - indirect connection of two separate networks

    First i should explain my network topology because is little complicated. Place 1: Internet (static IP) | Router(TPLINK) | PC1 (LAN IP with configured OpenVPN Server(Ip adress of VPN is Place 2: Internet (dynamic IP) | Router (ASUS AC51U + 3GModem as WAN connection...
  19. G

    Computer extremely slow after gpu overclocked.

    I followed msis rtx 2070 guide and let msi oc scanner do it’s thing and pick the right overclock amount, and after that I played video games for a couple hours. Next day I turn on my pc and everything is extremely slow and the computer freezes at times and stuff takes forever to launch. What...
  20. H


    Will CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H150i PRO fit in cooler master H500M or H500P ?