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    Question 16:9 + 21:9 Dual setup aspect ratio help

    I have recently added one of my old 21:9 monitors to my current setup which already had a 16:9 monitor. The 21:9 monitor is mounted vertically next to the 16:9 monitor, however the 21:9 monitor isn't displaying in full screen. It seems like it's displaying the same aspect ratio as the 16:9...
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    [SOLVED] How fast are USB ports on a Hunsn mini PC

    I'm considering buying a mini PC to serve as a bridge between cheap USB drives and my Ethernet at home. Also to drive two monitors when I work remotely. Having Windows 10 preloaded is an advantage. This looks just right...
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    [SOLVED] How Should I Set This Up?

    Hey, I'm pretty sure this is the right place to post this but I can't be sure, this is my first post. Sorry if it's in the wrong spot. So, I have a GTX 980 Ti. This GPU has 1 HDMI port. But, I also have an ASUS Maximus Hero VII that has one HDMI port. I own 0 Display Port cables, nor do I think...