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  1. M

    Question Dual monitor connected to notebook, but second screen is black

    Haai everyone, I have two monitors and both of them works fine(i tried individual). Monitor 1: Specs Monitor 2: Specs They have both VGA input and my noteook have HDMI and VGA input. One is connected with VGA and the other one is connected from VGA to HDMI through a converter. The problem is...
  2. S

    Question Should i get dual graphics card or sell old one and get 1 good one?

    I have a 7850k Apu and RX 550 graphics card. I have disabled the onboard graphics. My computer is getting sluggish, but i dont want to get a new Cpu because i would have to get a whole new setup with mobo, ram. Should i get another Rx 550 ($90) and run two of them OR Sell the Rx 550 ($50) and...
  3. P

    Try to increase video memory

    Why my PC show video memory n/a and how can I fix it

    Alienware X51 r2 help

    So my friend has a Alienware X51 r2 and it has the stupid 330 watt external power supply which inst enough to run the gpu in it. So I was hoping that it was possible to buy a better external psu considering the case is to small for an internal and he doesn't want to buy a new case. If there are...
  5. A

    Will Overclocking my CPU increase FPS?

    I have an AMD E2-1800 APU @ 1.7Ghz.
  6. C

    Windows Reinstalling Query :Computer Question Help!

    I was wondering, I want to do a clean install on my computer. I have a windows os disk, but I lost the key to it. So I purchased another code. My question is if I use the disk to clean install will the new key work or do I have to download and burn the iso image onto the usb and try that way?
  7. G

    after getting windows update agent 7.6.7600.320 install

    i have install window 7 ultimate 64bit in my pc and after getting windows update agent 7.6.7600.320 install went i look for more update it take long time to search for update how do i fix this???
  8. tamethegamer

    i5 4590 vs FX 8320 debate.

    Building for a friend. -He is NOT looking to overclock. I understand the i5 is locked and the FX is unlocked. However, the price difference is a large factor to consider. -Looking for a good CPU for gaming/movies/web browsing to accompany a 970 or a 390. -Not fussed about temps/wattage...
  9. M

    Fan controller question

    OK so here are my specs CPU Intel i7 4790k Cpu cooler hyper 212 evo MOBO asus vi maximus hero. Psu evga g2 850w Gpu evga ssc gtx 970 Case phantek enthoo pro FANS 4X CORSAIR AF120 1X PHANTEK 140 FAN and the hyper 212 fan. Here's my question right now I have all my case fans plugged in to...
  10. N

    g31t-m7 v1.0 graphics card compatible

    does ecs g31t-m7 v1.0 compatible with graphics card inno3d gf-gt 220?
  11. E

    GTX 750 ti ftw or one of the many new GTX 960's?

    I was originally going with the gtx 750 ti ftw do to it being affordable, being able to play many games at med-high-ultra, with low power consumption. But the the new gtx 960 has sli and is a bit more powerful and has many different sellers but it takes up more power and costs a bit more. What...
  12. F

    Corsair H110 Fan Noise

    Hello One of the fans makes noise. But if i press the centre of the fan it stops while the centre circle (there the logo is places) the noise stops. What can i doo to stop. Does anybody had or has this problem? How can I solve this? Why is the fan making the noise? Thank you
  13. M

    gtx 780 vs r9 290

    what do you think?
  14. TankSyrup

    Kingston SSD reliable?

    Is this ssd:http://pcpartpicker.com/part/kingston-internal-hard-drive-sv300s37a120g reliable? And Is it better than samsung 840 evo?
  15. CooLWoLF

    DVI vs HDMI when it comes to color / What is overscan?

    Just got a new Asus 1080p monitor and I hooked it up via HDMI because I read something about the color intensity being better with this type of connection. Is this true? Also, I had to enable overscan to 0% in order to get my monitor to display in full screen. Can someone explain what overscan...