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  1. Alres3

    Question Dual monitor issues - HDMI timeout [Help needed! plz]

    This is frustrating and i've done everything that I could to fix but im here and asking for aid! My main monitor is a BenQ [Rl2455hm] 1080 @ 60 Hz and second is LG 55CX 4k @ 120Hz connected to my RTX 3080 HDMI 2.1 while my BenQ is connected to the display port on my 3080 but on the other hand...
  2. O

    Question question about dual monitor

    Hi, so my main monitor is 2K that I use it for gaming, my other monitor 1080p is a secondary monitor, I don't want it to consume any GPU power, how do I plug my second monitor and make sure it doesn't consume more GPU than my primary monitor? also, is it possible to connect second monitor on...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Trying to enable multiple displays with igpu and graphics card

    Hello. Trying to run dual monitors using gpu and igpu. It's my understanding that igpu needs to be forced on in the bios, but even when forced, it is still set to off after restarting. I have only hdmi compatible monitors, and the gpu has only one hdmi port. Money and resources are an issue...
  4. D

    Question Need a GPU for dual monitor setup: 4K and ultrawide 1440p

    My main question is what can I expect from an industry-leading GPU in terms of framerate/performance when running programs simultaneously on both monitors. Say I am running a game on one and a resource-intensive program (GUI/high memory usage) on the other. What GPU would I need for optimal...
  5. M

    Question Dual Monitor Setup using HDMI splitter

    Im running windows 7, I have 1 HDMI output on my computer and two displays. I have both screen running with an HDMI splitter. Currently they're just duplicates of each other. No matter what I try I cant extend them and treat them like one single screen. How do I do this with my current set up...