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  1. Dualmonit0r

    Question Dual Monitors

    I’m sorry if this question has already been asked I just can’t find the result anywhere. I’m trying to connect 2 monitors to my pc. At first I bought a VGA y splitter to connect the two but that only resulted in a mirrored screen (pretty useless) so I bought a HDMI to VGA adapter to either...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] Driving dual monitors with CPU integrated graphics

    I am choosing components for a business, non-gaming desktop PC, with dual, identical NEC monitors (extended display, not cloned). The native OS will be the current version of openSuSE Linux with a virtual machine (VirtualBox) for Windows. Typical applications would be word processing, pdf...
  3. D

    Question One GPU displayport is being "limited"

    So this issue requires some backstory. My monitor setup for a year or two has been a 1080p display (Asus VX238H) and a 4k display (Asus PB287) using an HDMI and DisplayPort respectively. Both have worked without a hitch until about a couple months ago when my PB287 remained black after starting...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] How to set individual wallpapers for dual monitors

    I used to be able to set a different wallpaper on each screen, but it seems like this feature has been removed in win10 1903. Does anyone know how to do it now? I can't see why they would take this away.
  5. O

    Question Acer Predator XB271H A - Screen flickering WEIRD!

    Hi, I have a very weird issue with my Acer monitor. I bought it second hand, its about 5 months old (got the warranty too) and im very pleased with it. Problem is, sometimes (most of the time after a long session), i get a random black screen/flickering lasting about 0.5 - 1 second, and then...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] What Is A Good 2 port KVM Switch With Dual Monitor Support

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a KVM that will allow me to switch from my work laptop to gaming pc. I have dual displays. I've read some of the reviews on a couple on Amazon I saw but there were some negativity on functionality with the second display as well as connectivity with the mouse and...
  7. B

    Question Dual monitors not working lately...

    So I recently invested in a virtual reality headset and everything was going great. My system specs were: 2 x Nvidia 980 SC EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2 PSU Intel i7 6700K 4 x 4 GB RAM DDR4 Dual monitors (HDMI, DVI) VR Headset (DisplayPort) I often let my computer go to sleep rather than shutting...
  8. L

    Question Antect vp700p only powers up with one pc. Wut?

    So, I have this antec vp700p which refuses to work with two of my machines, one with a z97-k mobo and one with a ga-ma67-ud2h mobo. Keep in mind that it worked with the z97-k mobo which had 16gb of ram on it aswell as an i5 4690k and a gtx980ti, and several high rpm case fans, and performed its...
  9. berriosjahn

    Question SHould i buy a 650 watt or a 750 watt psu

    Ok so let me start by saying i was going to buy a GQ 650 watt Power suppy from EVGA, however for 5 more dollars i can buy a 750w which i Dont know if its worth paying for it My build currently has a Ryzen 2600x Hyperx 212 LED (i'm going to see how temps do if they too hot ill buy a noctua one...
  10. G

    Question Compatibility Issue

    Hi everybody, I'm currently drafting a build for my first gaming rig and would greatly appreciate some advise on compatibility, apologies in advance if this is the wrong area to ask. The build is as follows: Case THERMALTAKE VIEW 71 RGB TEMPERED GLASS GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™...
  11. T

    Question Screen tearing when using tabs over chrome

    I usually use task manager and windows explorer when browsing in chrome. For some reason today they started to stay on the screen and I have to click the minimize button to get rid of them. Screen Tear 1 View: https://imgur.com/a/RRGi8la 2 View: https://imgur.com/a/5hqTu4D
  12. A

    Question Do I need to upgrade my PSU ?

    Hey everyone. I recently upgraded from a gtx 1060 to a Zotac Rtx 2070 blower edition. These are my specs - Gigabyte GA-AB350m gaming 3 MOBO Ryzen 5 1600 CPU 16GB Gskill ripjaws 2400c 8Gvr RAM Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 600W Power Supply (MPX-6001-ACABW-UK ) PSU APC 1100C UPS RTX 2070 Zotac...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Windows cannot be installed on this disk. the selected disk is of the gpt partition style

    Hi all. Long time lurker here. I normally find my answers by searching, so thank you all for all of your help over the years. I have searched this one, but I don't understand what I need to do. I don't really understand the words. I have a new SSD which I was going to do a fresh install of...
  14. R

    Question Should i wait for pci 4.0, do i need it.

    my video card took a crap, dont want to add parts to a old machine, right now im using integrated graphics, i can suffice on that for a couple months. But i do want to build a whole new system. i know the new ryzen 3 is coming out with pci 4.0 support. since i expect to have this new system for...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Radeon VII + I7 4700k bottleneck?

    Hi, A few days ago i bought a Radeon VII GPU, and i have a few issues with it.. Not the common child diseases you might have heard of. No, i'm lacking serious low FPS in low-medium games, such as League of legends, GTA V and Assetto Corsa. I run: 16gb RAM Win 7 1440p screen I7 4700k 750Watt PSU...
  16. V

    [SOLVED] rtx 2060 vs 1660ti?

    which one is better for a 1080p monitor? i curently have the 1050ti , but games like assassin's creed odyssey , shadow of tomb raider run on 40-50 fps , and i want an upgrade. My current setup : cpu :i5 8400 GPU : 1050ti 4gb RAM : 8gb
  17. S

    Question Cpu:Ryzen 2700x or i7-9700k

    Ryzen 2700x or i7-9700k I’ve heard Ryzen 2700x is better than the 9700k I just want to know which ones a better purchase. Thank you
  18. T

    Question M.2 is not found on system

    I just installed a new M.2 storage card on my computer. It appears in my device manager and in my bios, however, it doesnt show up in "my pc" as one of my storage devices. I have tried to go to the bios and set it to UEFI only. I have added it to my launch priorities. I don't know what else to...
  19. W

    Question Crucial mx500 lossing health

    I had problem with ssd or os i couldnt do anything, always crash bsod restart automatic repair and srttrail.txt problem, somehow i fix that.... now for 2 days i got 200gb reads i had before problem around 750g now 980gb and rising really fast.. after windows installation i have avg read per day...
  20. S

    Question Windows wont boot after CPU upgrade, but will via the BIOS

    Spec: B250 PLUS Windows 10 i7 6700k 2400mhz 16gb RAM GTX 1060 6GB So today I have upgraded my CPU from an i3 7100 to an i7 6700k. I turn on the PC, fans all start up, but I am getting no picture to the screen and my keyboard is not lit up. If i hold town the power button, and turn the PC off...
  21. A

    I lost my laptop , outlook account is there ib it ,how can i trace it ? Any solution ?

    Lost my dell laptop , outlook account is there in it , how can i trace my laptop by using outlook account ?. Kindly resove the issue ASAP As ididnt have much time
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Does the EVGA 850W G3 fit in the NZXT H700?

    I just got my NZXT h700 and I noticed that they use a different method of mounting/screwing in the power supply to the case. I heard that EVGA G3 models in specific are smaller. So I was wondering if the EVGA 850W G3 would fit in the NZXT h700. Could someone please tell me if I'm being too...
  23. N

    Ram question making sure

    Will this ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 Desktop Memory Kit - Black (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0134EW7G8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UZuuCb9RX2HD2 work with this motherboard. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming (Wi-Fi) LGA1151 (Intel 8th and 9th Gen) DDR4 DP...
  24. K

    Sapphire RX 570 nitro+

    Hello i planing buy rx 570 sapphire. What max temp on silent bios mode in games? Sorry my bad english. I playing buy this card and i have hot case with max 2 fans. I using this card only fifa 19 ,interesting me work on silent bios mode (swich on card> silent mode
  25. K

    PC crashed and has black screen.

    I was launching a new game when my pc screen went black and rebooted when it rebooted the screen would stay black and if I restarted it would sometimes launch windows automatic repair. Windows repair did not work so I wiped everything and did a fresh install of windows 10. With the new install...
  26. M

    Can I run gta 5

    Can I run gta 5 on Intel Core i3 7100 2.4 8gb ram 2133mhz Nvidia GeForce mx130 2gb ddr5
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Maximum capacity ram

    I want to know maximum capacity of my laptop my laptop model is Samsung np350v5c-s07in Now I am using 2x4gb ddr3 ram I want to know is possible 2x8gb ram in it
  28. I

    My pc doesn't start up

    So i built a new $300 pc. everything went great i installed windows 10, but after like 3 minutes my pc freezed and i couldn't move my mouse. i turned it off by switching psu button. when it said no singal. Can somebody help me? btw i don't have a graphics card. it is integrated
  29. M

    What wattage of a PSU would be adequate?

    My upcoming rig has a 2070 and a Ryzen 5 2600, what PSU should I go with? a 650 or 750w?
  30. S

    [SOLVED] Best way to expand my WiFi signal

    I’d like to know the best way to expand my WiFi signal, my sky modem is downstairs in my living room, but upstairs in my bedroom, which is above my living room but on the other side of the house, WiFi signal is weak and sometimes cuts out. I’ve looked at WiFi extenders/boosters but I’ve read...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] Unallocated hard drive

    So i have a new hard drive, a 1TB HDD, when i open up disk manager it appears unallocated, i have tried right clicking the hard drive panel, and cannot format the drive, any help on this?
  32. E

    [SOLVED] Trying to initialise M.2 NVMe SSD

    Hey guys, I recently got a new Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD, when trying to accessing disk management it prompts me to initialise the new drive, Disk 3, with the options for MBR or GPT and both result in a few minutes of PC unresponsiveness eventually resulting in an Access Denied message. I...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] How to get a refund from MS? 3rd Surface Book and <1 month broken again

    I just recently RMA'd my surface book 1 after four months of having one that functions. Prior to that, I had the first one for 8 months. It's been just over a year since I got the original, counting 2-week return periods... This third one is out of the box with a malfunctioning...
  34. J

    [SOLVED] CSGO Overheats My PC

    For some strange reason, when I play CSGO, I'm guessing my PC overheats because the fans suddenly start getting very loud and my monitors completely lose connection. The only solution to this is by completely holding the power button and shutting down the pc. This only happens with this game...
  35. J

    DVD to smart tv

    How do I hook up old DVD player to Samsung 58" 7100 series
  36. B

    [SOLVED] Recomended PSU wattade

    I have a Gigabyte mobo GA 78LMT-S2, AMD FX 6300 cpu, 2 x 4gb ram(going to 2 x 8gb ram, Razen R7-240 Graphic Card (going to ARX9-380) ,Standard Ethernet card, 3 x 2tb 7200rpm HDD, 1 x 120gb SSD, 5 x 120mm High speed Fans, Cpu cooler with 120mm Fan, Keyboard, mouse and 24" monitor. Right now I'm...
  37. L

    [SOLVED] switched an 680 for a 1080 ftw dt and lost fps in CS

    used to get 300 fps with no drops, after switching the gpu i never got 300fps again...suffering with drops too hardware: i7-4770k 32gb ram 1080 ftw
  38. S

    Not able to connect to a particular website using laptop but connects through mobile

    I'm trying to connect to a particular website portal, which opens only if i'm connected to university's wifi. I get the following error on google chrome: This site cannot be reached. To connect to wifi, we need to enter our username and password. We can sign in with 6 devices. I have my mobile...
  39. C

    [SOLVED] no difference in performance in VERY HIGH or MEDIUM when playing games

    Okay so I'm playing a lot of GTA 5 recently. I've noticed, that if I turn down my settings, that the performance is almost the same, if not a couple of FPS. So my pc is an OEM pre-built gaming pc (it sucks. worst decision ever) SPECS: GTX 970 with a reference cooler (unknown manufacturer) i5...
  40. L

    Dual rank and single ranked RAM in a computer (please help! Thanks!)

    CPU Z says that my memory is using dual channel, and one slot of RAM is using 8GB dual - ranked RAM from Samsung (1.35v , PC3 12800, DDR3, 800 MHz max bandwidth), and the other slot of RAM is using 4GB single ranked RAM from Crucial ( 1.35V, DDR3, PC3 12800, max bandwidth 800MHz). I was just...