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  1. M

    Question PC random black Screens while gaming

    Hello, So my PC is about 2 months old now, and while playing games the screen may go black for 2-3secs then come back on like nothing had happened. At first I thought it was RAM. And sure enough, memtest threw a bunch of errors on one of the 2x8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengence LPX sticks. So, i sent...
  2. R

    Question is that worth to upgrade my i3 3120 to i7 3770?

    Current System —————————————— i3 2120 3.3Ghz Processor DH61WW motherboard 12GB DDR 3 Ram GT 610(Planning to upgrade to GTX 970) —————————————— I’m planning to upgrade my processor to i7 3770K for gaming(Planning to start streaming).is it worth to upgrade this rig in 2019?Should I buy complete...
  3. N

    Corsair K68 RGB vs k70 LUX RGB

    I've been looking at the K70 LUX RGB when i came across the K68 RGB on corsairs website for a good price. I'm just wondering what the difference is between the two keyboards, since the K70 is so much more money is it worth it. The only difference i see is the finish of the two keyboards are...
  4. A

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 temperatures. Idle and load.

    Hello, I recently build a PC having Ryzen 5 1600 + stock cooler. I overclocked it at 3.7Ghz @ 1.25v. In idle temperatures sits arround 40-50c and sometimes arround 35-40c. I did a test with AIDA64 and here is the result: http://imgur.com/il4zxEy Also in games such as Battlefield 1 the temps...
  5. D

    RX 460 vs. GTX 1050 (2GB DDR5) ?

    Researching these 2 cards because they only draw power from the PCIE Slots. RX 460 goes for £80 at the moment in Amazon Whilst the 1050 goes for £100 Thers a 22% Difference in cost, but the GTX 1050 is 10% better in performance Apparently RX 460 is better with DX12 games for future games. But...
  6. D

    Every time I change my default playback device, audiodg.exe eats up half of my CPU until I restart the process.

    Title, basically. Why is it doing this? I don't remember it doing this before on Windows 10. Something updated and changed it obviously.
  7. iPaperKillz

    Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard Under $65

    Hi, I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, not replicas, for under $65. It is going to be used in an office enviornment so a non-gamer-y font on the keycaps is preferred, but not necessary. It also needs to have a number pad.
  8. P

    How do I find my Windows 8 key from an ASUS S200E Laptop?

    Hi everyone! I bought an ASUS S200E laptop a two weeks ago which came with win 8.1 installed but on the back has the Win8 sticker, so I assume that the original win version that the laptop came from factory is win8. Anyway, I wanted to perform a fresh install of windows 8 but apparently win8...
  9. F

    Surfboard SB6141 & Airport Extreme 6th Gen Slow Ethernet Speeds

    I have the SB6141 connected to airport extreme. I'm paying for 150mbs download speeds, although I am only getting around 90mbs when connected using Ethernet. When I connect using wifi, I get the faster speeds using the 5ghz network. I connected directly to the modem and was able to get the...
  10. J

    How to connect to tape drive from laptop?

    Hi guys, I just brought a LTO4 tape drive but I don't have any idea how to connect to my laptop. I was trying to connect to my laptop by using USB 2.0 to eSATA adapter...
  11. I

    Sketchy New Monitor

    I was browsing for a new monitor today, when i found what looks like a great deal on Newegg. I'd love to have a true 4K monitor, so i can scale down to 1080p in some games while having the advatage of 4k in less intensive ones and photoshop. I'm not entirely sure if i should trust it though...
  12. P

    How can I downgrade Windows 8.1 to 7?

    I bought a computer that has Windows 8.1 (prebuilt and OEM) How can I downgrade it to Windows 7? It is Windows 8.1 Pro.
  13. K

    Setting nVidia SLI - questions fron Newbie

    Hi, I'm noob regarding SLI, but not noob in PC in generals, I bought GTX 950 MSI Gaming and I\m thinking of buying another one next month and connect them SLI, so my questions is what are the condition for SLI? 1) I know that PSU wattage and quality matter, but does it have to have specific...
  14. E

    Graphics card help / recommendation

    Hi there. I’m after a card with similar performance to the PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX 960 but in the short card form factor, not the long card which my current case doesn’t have room for! Spec I’m after: can output one display resolution up to 4096 x 2160, and two SD. Want to run x1 Dell P2415Q and...
  15. I

    Do I NEED both 6-pin and 8-pin connectors to work?

    Alright, so I bought this Asus HD 6950 card (link here:https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/EAH6950_DCII2DI4S1GD5/overview/), and I've put it inside just barely as the card is massive. At this point, I'm not sure it's entirely inserted in or not, but when i connect it to the power without having...
  16. N

    xp on second drive

    I had a motherboard failure, and replaced my Intel mb with a AMD motherboard. XP would not boot. I am installing a new hard drive and I am installing it with Windows 7 pro. 32bit. I am installing my original xp drive as my third drive, cd is second. My question is should I connect the xp drive...
  17. G

    Keyboard and mouse won't work after installing Windows 10.

    So I installed Windows 10 alongside Windows 7. Keyboard and mouse work fine in 10 but refuse to work on 7. It was fine before installing Windows 10, and now they don't work. I know the problem is windows 10, and I want to uninstall it, but I can't since my keyboard and mouse don't work on...
  18. Nadav Erez

    GTX 660 to 960 or 970?

    I want to upgrade my graphics card, and these are two good options. I have no problem to wait until March or April for the new R9 300 series from AMD- I'll still buy an Nvidia GPU, just because of the DSR.
  19. J

    I want a laptop

    i want to buy a laptop which can handle new games at a range of INR 50000
  20. D

    dead 9.5 sata replaced with a desk top harddrive windows instal error

    i have a hp pavilion g7 had a 750gb sata 9.5 hard drive that died (dont know how was given it to fix and then told to keep it) i have only one spare sata hard drive but its a desktop 320gb hard drive it boots up and says missing os (the drive is completely wiped of all data) i used a win 7 ultra...