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  1. S

    Question Dual boot: main drive no longer bootable

    This morning my dual boot pc (Win 10 & Win 8) decided to stop recognizing the Win 10 drive as a bootable device. If it's first boot device in bios I get an endless loop of restart/BSD error 0xc0000001. If I put the Win 8 drive in first position it boots up and I can see all the files on the Win...
  2. PeepoBuildsPCs

    Question Can I install Windows 10 on unallocated space?

    I want to install Windows 10 since I installed Windows 11 below system requirements. But I still have many things on Windows 11 that I don't want to lose. I can't roll back to Windows 10 since it's past 10 days. I know it's possible to install both OS's alongside each other. Can I install...
  3. victorfernandes221

    [SOLVED] NVME not showing after removing ubuntu

    So i had a 1tb nvme with windows 10 and a ssd 240gb with ubuntu, but i had a problem with my pc and i lost my ssd and when i tried to install windows 10 on nvme it won't show up in disk list to install or cmd or even in ubuntu ( i tried by using usb). I already try to remove and install again...
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Dual boot W10 and W7 issues

    Hello, I want to install windows 7 on another drive in my computer completely apart from my main windows 10 drive. So I went ahead and made a bootable windows 7 ISO and tried starting up from it. It gets to the "starting up windows" and the logo but then the pc just power cycles and is stuck in...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] SSD disappeared from boot-menu after testing "boot from DVD-only"

    Hello, hopefully I can still get things together right, as this is really getting me to my limits for the last 48 hours. My MSI H81M-E34 doesn't boot from anything anymore, doesn't even recognise the SSD anymore. I m ending up in UEFI shell or nothing. Had a dualboot Win10/Ubuntu which I...
  6. conticreative

    [SOLVED] Windows 10: Running two separate Win 10 installation on separate drives (Work/Gaming). How to do it best?

    Apparently, my question is strange enough that there aren't any similar ones that don't involve a Windows/Ubuntu dual boot. Incidentally, I wouldn't mind running linux on its own drive, but my question is not about that. I have several old laptops that run some kind of dual boot, I know how...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Manjaro boot menu chooses wrong Windows?

    recently I've installed manjaro kde alongside my windows 10. my windows location is on dev/sda2 location. but grub use this instead dev/sdb1 maybe long time ago i had a windows 7 on this partition but i want to select windows 10 instead. used grub update command and i got this on grub GUI...
  8. Z

    Question Ubuntu 20.04 freezes and crashes, but not Windows?

    To start off, I've looked everywhere for solutions to this problem. I have Ubuntu 20.04 dualbooted on an m.2 with Windows 10. This problem started after a clean install of both OS on the brand new M.2. The system build is using the following brand new parts: Samsung Evo 970 M.2, Ryzen 5 3600x...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu?

    Hii legends.. i already Installed windows 7 Home Premium with 2 partition.. ( local disk C & local disk D ).. now my task is install dual boot option with ubuntu.. Clarification please Anybody clearly explain me... where i shrink the partition local disk C or local...
  10. T

    Question Open ubuntu harddrive from another laptop

    Hi, I have as second hard drive installed on my old laptop that has an Ubuntu install in it. Now I bought a new laptop and want to use that same old hard drive with ubuntu installed on my new laptop. How can I do this?
  11. K

    Question Need to format Drive, but 100GB of something is still on there

    I need to dual boot Windows 10 and KDE neon, I have a 655 partition which I previously used to store games, films, downloads etc. I cleared the whole thing out by some stuff to other drives and deleting junk. So no files exist on it anymore However, when I look 100 GB is still present I searched...
  12. mark520fay35

    Question Nvidia Card for Windows, AMD Cards for Mac OS

    I own a AMD System on a X470 Chipset (Asrock Motherboard), recent I found out that my system is compatible with Mac OS, and I’m planning to dualboot Windows on majority of my disks, and Mac OS on my 256GB M.2 SSD. One little problem, with the beef between Apple & Nvidia, which Apple decided not...
  13. A

    Question Bluetooth can't pair to any device

    Hello, I'm having some problems with pairing devices on bluetooth. I can find any device but I can't connect to any device. What I have tried: -Restart bluetooth support service -run bluetooth troubleshooter -update bluetooth drivers -uninstall bluetooth drivers and manually reinstall new ones...
  14. The Tiger

    Neighbour has installed high power WiFi that's taking my network down. What to do?

    Our old neighbour moved out and the new neighbour has installed a high power WiFi router (probably the 1000 mW TP link one with 9 dBi antennas.) As if the 10x power atrocity wasn't enough, the bandwidth has been set to 40 MHz. Now, I invested in a new router a few days ago - TP Link Archer...
  15. K

    No AMD Graphics installed on ryzen 5 2400G

    I have ryzen 5 2400 G apu. i installed graphics drivers but when i open radeon settings it shows no AMD Graphics Driver installed.
  16. U

    Monitor Screen Issues

    My laptop uses Windows 10 and is a Dell Lattitude D630 Laptop. Three days ago, the monitor on my laptop only shows just over a half screen. I literally never place anything on my laptop. Here's a screen shot. The top half of my laptop screen is a light color (I can still see through it, but...
  17. J

    Upgrading my mouse

    Currently I have a Logitech G700s running fully on wired (I lost the wireless adapter) but I wanted a bigger mouse because I have huge hands. Any suggestions?
  18. L

    TV giving me "No Signal" when hooked up to computer via HDMI

    The title says it all. I had a TV just sitting in my room unplugged, so I decided to put it to use as a 2nd monitor. I hasn't worked... I have been searching for hours and hours and not a single solution has worked. I have tried multiple working HDMI cords, and nothing changes. My normal monitor...
  19. P

    Windows does not boot after Motherboard change

    I recently helped out my friend upgrade his build by changing everything but his hard drive. After putting everything together and turning the pc on i get the blue screen and windows startup repair thing come up. I decide to research the problem and I i end up wiping my friends hard drive clean...