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  1. freinstreet

    Question RX570 ITX Dual Screen Problem

    Hi guys , I have dual monitors on Sapphire RX570 ITX 1244/1500mhz without overclock. My first monitor is BenQ GW2270H 19201080 60hz ( connected via HDMI cable ) and the second monitor is ViewSonic VA1911A 1366768 60hz ( connected via VGA cable on VGA to DisplayPort active adapter ) The issue...
  2. Jemmnu

    Question I have awful screen tearing while watching videos and playing games.

    I have been having this issue for a long time, but it has been progressively getting worse and worse. The screen tearing occurs only on my main monitor (PHL 240V5) which is connected via HDMI. My second monitor (AL1916) is pretty old. Fixes I have tried: VSync on both browser and on global...