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  1. Karampistis Dimitrios

    Question Windows 10 won't recognize second screen from HDMI

    Hello, I am having an issue with my second screen (which is actually a TV) connected with HDMI. My graphics card is Intel's integrated graphics (Intel HD 4400). My main monitor is connected using VGA. Windows 10 won't recognize the second one. I have tried to force detect the monitor using the...
  2. Anja12345

    Question Monitor Not Detected, No Option in Bios

    I got a TUF Gaming B450M Pro motherboard and I am trying to set up my 2nd monitor. Both of my monitors are connected to the CPU thru HDMI. BIOS does not show option to enable dual monitor.
  3. oxifem

    Question i5 9400f dual monitor problem

    hi guys, i have a i5-9400f and a nvidia geforce 1650 videocard, i wanna know if i can connect dual monitor because i tried a lot of things (going to bios and activating igpu not finding the option bc i5-9400 does not have internal graphic card) i found a tutorial on youtube that says i can...
  4. S

    Question Dual monitor setup isn't woring properly..

    Hi guys, I've had a monitor I wasn't using and was sitting around here for quite a while and now I've decided to connect it to my GPU so I'd have a 2 monitor setup. The thing is that, I want to have a full screen application opened on my primary monitor and surf the internet (facebook, reddit...
  5. X

    [SOLVED] How would one use a laptop as a monitor for another laptop?

    Recently I cycled out my old gaming laptop from 2016 and got a new one, there were problems with the hardware, but the screen works perfectly fine. Seems a shame to just do away with it. When I got my new one, I decided I wanted to see if I could hook up this new laptop to the older one, and use...
  6. freinstreet

    Question RX570 ITX Dual Screen Problem

    Hi guys , I have dual monitors on Sapphire RX570 ITX 1244/1500mhz without overclock. My first monitor is BenQ GW2270H 19201080 60hz ( connected via HDMI cable ) and the second monitor is ViewSonic VA1911A 1366768 60hz ( connected via VGA cable on VGA to DisplayPort active adapter ) The issue...