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  1. R

    Question why does my pc shuts down when playing games

    i was playing division 2 since last 3 months but it is recently that i am getting this pc shut down problem, every time i play any game my pc would shut down and reboot. i am also an 3d environment artis so i do lot of heavy work like rendering and zbrush stuff, there is lot of load on hardware...
  2. Alpha_6

    [SOLVED] The top of my case tends to get very hot during gaming.

    The space right ontop of my top exhaust fan tends to get reeeally hot during gaming , gpu goes up to 75 celcius idk if that's normal for a sapphire r9 390. Should i be worried that it's getting so hot , i've got 2 exhausts 1 top 1 rear , 2 intakes 1 front and 1 side. Case is DeepCool Tesseract...