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  1. inflare

    Question Dust build up in pc

    I've had my pc for maybe 5-6 months and during those 5-6 months i haven't cleaned it and right now the performance in games is really unplayable. I've tried everything updating drivers, resetting my pc nothing is working so i'm wondering if the dust in my pc could affect performance
  2. N

    Question Rattling Sound, CPU?

    https://streamable.com/n6fa43 That is the sound right there, the sound is very inconsistent and just started up again this morning. I had thought it was the PSU, since I had loosened the screws that hold it. (The first rattling occurrence was close to when I loosened screws) But the recording...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Install or return card reader with gaps?

    I bought a card reader (https://www.newegg.com/p/0DS-00DC-00001?Item=9SIACJF5528905). There are gaps in the front panel where the ports for the cards are located - (click to see picture). You can white under the ports in the second row, that's an envelope behind the unit. You can also see a gap...
  4. Question is that fan cooling on the back of motherboard side is safe?

    So I'm looking for a PC case that has good airflow and I glanced at this case, it has a fan on the back of the motherboard, and if in theory the wind that is generated will quite reduce the heat of the motherboard from behind, and the fan position is intake So the question is whether this will...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] PS5 Intake vent covered with mesh net for dust filter?

    PC Cabinet fans got those dust filter mesh net, can i manually paste them on my PS5's intake grill/vent ? Will that affect cooling a lot ?
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Is my PSU failing?

    There was a smell of burning dust or plastic , i couldn't see any obvious cables or burnt marks inside my computer case, so i dusted it, it's been maybe a year or a little over since last time i dusted it, so it was really needed anyways. I tried to locate the smell but there was no obvious...
  7. xJesserX

    [SOLVED] can you clean Aerocool case dust filters?

    i have an aerocool eclipse case and it has 3 dust filters one on top of case ,one on bottom and one where front panel fans my question is can they cleaned with water ? if so only water with no other products ?
  8. gordonmousedeer

    [SOLVED] Can I clean my PC with a hair dryer?

    I am currently unemployed and I do not want to spend any money if possible. I want to remove dust from inside my desktop computer. A hair dryer sucks air in from one end and shoots all that air out from the other end. I plan to use the suction/intake end of a hair dryer to suck dust out of my...
  9. Z

    Question Is this CPU dead?

    Hello Tom's Hardware community! My friend has an Intel Core i5-4590S that has been used for more than a year now. It has been running very well until yesterday. It decided not to boot up my friend's PC, not even POST. So I tried the following diagnostic steps: swapping motherboards, removing...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Should I use a dust filter?

    I recently built my new PC, and I used the KOLINK Citadel Micro ATX case. IT came with two case fans, and one magnetic dust filter, that goes on top. I've configured one of my fans to take air in from the rear of the case, where the IO is, and one to push air out from the top, directly above my...
  11. carson_e

    [SOLVED] GPU fan not spinning, won’t post, no signal, everything receiving power

    So, after cleaning out my PC via compressed air from an air compressor, all of the stuff in the title is happening. I have reset the CMOS via jumper and removing the battery. I have taken everything out and put it back in. I have tried running it without any memory and it doesn’t beep. I have...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Alienware Aurora Fans and Noise

    Hello, I have an Alienware Aurora and I was wondering if it is bad to hear the fans while the pc is on. I would like to know how loud is it supposed to be, and if I should be worried if I can hear the fans. They aren't too loud, but i can hear them when my headphones are off and I can hear them...
  13. ComputerWhiz305

    Question What's a good filter material?

    The front of my PC case has a ton of empty external drive bays, all of which have covers that are list vents. Then there is a vent on the top and side of my case. All of these vents are unfiltered, so I find that a decent amount of dust accumulates in my case after a fairly short period of time...
  14. B

    Question Dust management and cooling

    Hi all, I haven’t built a new rig in 10 years. I’ve been reading through articles and have landed on most of my components but something grabed me and I want to make sure I’m doing it right. I was looking for cases with superior dust and pet hair exclusion and the cases say they can...
  15. ZuRriX

    Question Dust

    This may seem like an unusual thread, but I don't think so. So, I live next to a very busy road and my room is the closest to the street and that is where my desk and my PC are placed. I like having a wide open window, especially in the summer and I like sleeping with it open. I recently got...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Can I buy a front dust filter for a non dust filtered case? (Aerocool Cylon)

    Hello. I want to add some intake fans to make positive airflow in my case (Aerocool Cylon, https://www.aerocool.com.tw/en/chssis/pgs-v/cylon) for optimal cooling for my Ryzen 5 2600x and GTX 1050 ti 4GB. People do tell me to get a new case, but that's simply not an option for me, since im 13...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Should i place 2 intake at the front or one intake at the top and 1 at the front?

    Hello, I have the Aerocool Cylon case and i am going to order some more case fans (be quiet! Pure wings 2 120mm to be specific) but my front case is kind of chocked for air, except for tiny gaps and an opening at the bottom, at the front and the front is not filtered (and i don't have many...
  18. Z

    Question Dust inside of my screen

    So a few years ago I bought this used Asus K53SC, and ever since I've bought it there's been some dust in the screen. I waited, since I might get used to it, but after 2 years I still get annoyed every day. I can't get a picture of it, because you will only see the squared lines arround the...
  19. H

    Question Second Graphics Card Not Detected

    I recently bought a GTX 1070 to replace my old 770. Originally I didn't know what to do with it so I just stored it away. However, I use my PC for rendering and after some searching I discovered that I could use both my new 1070 and old 770 together (I use Daz Studio). I threw the 770 back in my...
  20. S

    inno3d RTX 2080 TI

    Hi, my GPU, at 97-100% load, is stable at 85 C. No matter if I open the case or if I added 2 more fans in the PC case. Fully load stay at 85 C. Idle is 32 -35 C. Is that 85 C a normal temp at fully load? I saw around here everybody talk about 70 - 80 C... its true I had an evga graphic card...
  21. K

    Owc vs A-Tech

    I want to purchase A- tech Ram for iMac Mid 2010. So, which is the best between A-Tech and OWC.
  22. K

    Advice On 2 AiO Desktop PC's

    Hi This is for my friend who has sold has Macbook Pro 2015 to get a AIO Winodws Desktop, Tbh I tried to put him off All In Ones mainly due to their lack of upgrade options, but he doesn't want a tower unit & wants the AIO form factor. The two units he is interested in are both HP (he just...
  23. J

    Is it possible to use amazon fire stick on a laptop?

    I just want to know if I could use amazon fire stick on a laptop. I do understand that the HDMI port on my laptop is for output data, not input which is the one amazon fire stick needs. So how can I go about to do it?
  24. E

    Is it normal for my cpu turbo boost to be on all the time while gaming and is it normal to hit temps up to 85c?

    Specs: Cpu: Intel i5 8400 Gpu: gtx 1060 6gb Ram: Ripjaws 8gb
  25. L

    Is my PSU dead?

    I disconnected all the components connected to my PSU and tested with multimeter there is only ~2.9V between green wire and black wire. Is this an indication my PSU is broken? Thanks.
  26. P

    Compatibility Motherboard Graphics Card

    I have a gigabyte z68xp-ud3p motherboard. It has a GeForce gxt560 gpu. I want to upgrade it. Is the GeForce 1050ti compatible with it?
  27. G

    How to test for and delete HPA on ssd and hdd

    I have bought a second hand laptop with an ssd and a hard drive and I would like to test if they both have a HPA (host protected area) but by somehow in windows 10/command prompt as I cant access my boot disk "hirens boot cd" for some reason to do with a virtual memory problem when hirens loads...
  28. C

    Fps Is low all of the sudden.

    Hello guys, I'm Marcus and the past two days have been disappointing. I started my computer up yesterday and decided to play some Tomb raider (2013) and my fps was about 30frames lower than the day before, no settings changed. Previously I had around 60fps on high settings, flirting with 70...
  29. J

    MSI 970A-G46 worth the money?

    MSI 970A-G46 Is this motherboard worth the money? Would you buy this motherboard? Is this a good or bad board? I've seen this motherboard listed just right below $200 from most websites.
  30. D

    Will a "MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5" be compatible with my current build?

    Will a "MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5" be compatible with my current pc build? (One I'm looking to purchase to replace an overheating R9 290x.) Gigabyte Z87 LGA 1150 BigFoot LAN Micro ATX Motherboard XFX PRO 850W Black Edition Single Rail Power Supply Corsair Hydro Series Extreme...
  31. A

    Display showing blank but tower running fine

    I just bought a new cpu, graphics card and mobo other than that using my old hard drive. Connected everything with my old hard drive but the windows 7 I had previously didn't support it, so I did a fresh windows 10 install everything went fine as soon as I installed my graphics card Driver the...
  32. D

    Laptop stuck on logo screen

    I tried to restart the computer but it got stuck on the Acer screen. I use shift F8 to reset, but each time there is a problem resetting the PC. Any ideas why and what I can do
  33. J

    Is a gtx 650-DC-1GD5 'Ideal' for gaming?

    I am looking to see if that graphics card is any good for my first build I'm going to do soon, I have a : I3-6100 cpu 3.7Ghz HyperX fury 16gb ram And a gtx-DC-1GD5 1gb 1tb hard drive H110M-D D3 motherboard I was wondering if that graphics is any good for a game like GTA or any cod franchise...
  34. A

    Windows Server 2003 - 0xc00002e1

    Hello. At night we lost power, i had UPS but i guess it didnt help much. After i plugged my server it gives me : Security accounts manager initialization failed because of the following reason: Directory Service cannot start. Error status 0xc00002e1. Please click OK to shutdown this system and...
  35. M

    Do actually need a high end MOBO for gameing

    Do you actually need a high end motherboard for gameing, what is the difference of a gameing motherboard rather than having extra ramslots and wifi bluetooth connectivitys.
  36. D

    Is corsair 450psu enough to power up i3-6100 and gtx 750ti

    I am about to build my first gaming pc so can i use corsair 450 psu and the config of my pc are 1) intel i3-6100 processor 2) Asus gtx 750ti oc 2gb ddr5 3) Asus ddr4 motherboard 4) 8gb ddr4 ram 5) 500 gb hard drive
  37. T

    GTX 960 vs PowerColor PCS+ Radeon R9 390 DirectX 12 AXR9 390 8GBD5-PPDHE 8GB

    I want to get a new video card and Newegg has a deal on the Radeon R9 390 right now and my other option was a GTX 960, i am not educated enough to know which is the better buy. answer fast if you can, not sure how long the deal lasts. Thank you!
  38. P

    New PC build, suggestions needed

    Hey, thank you for taking your time to read this. I plan on building a pc over the summer, and am planning to have a max budget of 1500. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gVVbnQ I made a build, any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I plan on gaming on it and using it for school. I will be using...
  39. Y

    I7 6700K Hyper TX3 Heat problems

    I recently upgraded my system to an Intel i7 6700k CPU with Hyper tx3 Evo cooler. On idle the temperature is more or less 35 degrees celsius but when the CPU is loaded to more or less 95%+ the heat shoots up to 100 degrees celsius and it stays there. The system is not overclocked. I cannot...
  40. I

    Can't boot with SSD plugged in

    Alright so this is what happened I have an OCZ vertex SSD and a regular hdd I've had no problems what's so ever until now. It's been about 2 years. I shut my computer off like normal and I woke up and my computer would not boot it does either one of two things loops boot cycle OR freezes on...