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  1. Question Fresh Install, not enough free resources DVD/Bluray Drive (Code 12)

    So I installed Windows 7 to my 1TB SSD last night, got it all up and running with drivers and stuffs then noticed my DVD/Bluray drive was missing. I used the device manager to scan for hardware changes, Windows Update would pop up for a moment, try to install the driver for the Standard Dual...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Can I install games via an external DVD drive using an USB connection?

    Hi there, I have an odd question regarding installing games with an external DVD drive. So I already found out that it is possible but some games require you to have the disc in while playing and that won't work over an USB connection so my question is this; Is there an way to play the game...
  3. Vims00

    [SOLVED] My DVD driver can only read CDs

    I just installed an somewhat old DVD-player for my computer, but it only reads CDs and I cant get it to read any DVDs. Why is that? Thanks in advance
  4. arimich

    Question alternate of inbuilt CD/DVD drive

    hey guys, my CPU cabinet's inbuilt CD/DVD drive is not working. the computer store guy has told me that it cannot be repaired and i have to buy a new cabinet. Is there any alternative of such inbuilt drives. like, is there any external cd player to connect it with the pc with usb so that i can...
  5. BlazingAngels

    Question Installing a game from my DVD Drive is slow

    I have been having issues that when I install some of my old games from my DVD Drive, it is very slow. Is there any way to fix this?
  6. R

    [SOLVED] dvd drive not reciving power

    hi , i have a question , that maybe is a bit of a noob question . but why one cable that my PSU have that is splited in two power sata cable only one of them can power on my dvd drive and the other not ? the one that don´t power on the dvd drive can power on HDD´s .
  7. D

    Acer 8920g will not boot, ticking noise, gpu chip not detected properly

    I have an acer aspire 8920g it doesn't want to boot. it makes a ticking noise or a clicking noise from somewhere presumably speakers it does this constantly while the internal monitor is plugged into the mainboard round 2 ticks a second( blown capacitor ? ) i have been through a process of...