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  1. EllwoodJT

    Question M5a97 r2.0 compatibility and dual dvi graphics card.

    Hi New to the Forum so thank you for letting me in! Far from an expert with up to date computers, maybe I could have tackled this in the 90s or 2000s as it all seemed simpler then. However now I just don't know where to go next. I have a gaming pc (I'm not a gamer) because I wanted something...
  2. A

    Question PC not detecting my 2 monitors due to weird stuff happening

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right category for this kind of question but I'll try. So, this is my problem: sometimes, when I turn on my PC, it looks like my PC doesn't detect the monitors. The first this happened, was in a period in which I used to unplug one monitor and plug...
  3. J


    This problem first occurred after cleaning the GPU and reapplying thermal paste (did the line method). I installed my gpu on the pcie slot and installed it fine and proper. I plugged in the pcie plugs from the power supply to my GTX 970 evga ssc. I booted up windows and went to the desktop. The...
  4. P

    Question How do I use RTX 260 without a DP port

    I've bought an RTX 2060 but my BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144hz monitor doesn't have a DP port. What can I do? I do not have a lot of money left to spend.
  5. R

    Question Display port to DVI issue.

    Hi, i have a problem while connecting my new pc to my old monitor. Im using a dp to dvi cable adapter where the dp is connected to the gpu and the dv to the monitor. Before installing the gpu driver, windows shows up at a 800x600 screen , when installed the screen goes black. Any help? Also my...
  6. F

    Question Geforce 650Ti VGA better than DVI?

    I decided to benchmark my 650 and I found that the performance was much better with VGA than with DVI. I don't understand this, as I thought that DVI was a higher performance connection, and I use two monitors, so I need two connections. I used Benchmark Heaven and on VGA I got Frames=34 and...
  7. C

    Question I Am Having Trouble Using Two Monitors With Two GPUs

    I have a reasonably powerful setup. I just got a 2070 gpu and want to use it as well as my 1060. I have them both installed and have each attached to one monitor. The 1060 is attached to my lower res monitor for looking at basic stuff and my 2070 is attached to my 1080p monitor but only the...
  8. P

    Question Monitor no signal on MB or GPU

    I have frankensteined a PC from old parts which after the famous 'turns of after 3 seconds' problem started running solidly after shuffling a bit with the (unoriginal) RAM. The fact it does run now makes me (possibly falsely) conclude the RAM is compatible. The problem I have now is that neither...
  9. H

    Question 3 120mm or 2 140mm

    Any difference besides airflow and price? Pros and cons?
  10. F

    Question Constant BSOD even after clean install & switching to original ssd

    I've had the Overpowered OP-1 branded, tongfang GK5CN5Z laptop for a few months and have recently begun getting constant BSODs. The first crash happened while gaming without any noteworthy driver updates being done and these crashes have consistently continued as soon as the AC adapter is...
  11. D

    Question Scratch on back of motherboard.

    View: https://imgur.com/a/7vUmf7c Hey all, I was recently installing my new mobo and had to move it a little due to alignment, but I didn't notice the middle standoff sticking out. Will it cause problem if I run this PC with that scratch?
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Can you fit ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 Twin Fan on Dell Optiplex 9020 Minitower?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 9020 Minitower and I was planning to upgrade it by buying a new video card. I was eyeing the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 Twin Fan. The only problem is i don't know if it will fit? Can it fit? Note: The PSU is already upgraded so that is not a problem anymore.
  13. M

    Question any good phones under 200$/₹14,000?

    so i'm getting a smartphone and have budget of ₹14000(~200$). does anybody have suggestions of which phone to buy? Keep in mind that i am in India, so companies like Xiaomi are available. I originally was going for the redmi note 7 pro, but i tried to order it on the past two limited run sales...
  14. R

    Question SSD Wear Leveling Count at 1 (SMART).

    Hello, I think my SSD may be dying. I have tested it with Hard Disk Sentinel and it states that the wear leveling count is 1, and that I should back up my data immediately. I have done so, and then Windows stopped booting correctly, stating that I was missing key Windows files. I reinstalled...
  15. F

    Question Recommended Open Source Data Recovery Software ?

    Looking for recommendation for good and FREE data recovery software (open source etc). It is for around 500gb of data on a drive not being detected. Easeus allows 2gb for free but then you need to purchase paid version. I need to be able to recover the files to another drive and retain the...
  16. R

    Question My download speed is too slow .

    Hey guys , i've got one major problem . Suddenly my internet is too slow on every device (phones , consoles , pcs , etc) , and what i mean is that my upload speed is 98 mbps while my download speed is 0.16 mbps . I dont know what happened. I tried different things like pulling of all the cables...
  17. I

    Question Looking for a ww2 game i played awhile ago

    Hey guys I'm looking for a ww2 game I played awhile maybe 5 years or more. It was an arcade game you could download. You started at the bottom of the screen with points to buy troops and support. The germans came in waves from top and you slowly tried to get to the top and move on. Your troops...
  18. A

    Question What does the "CC3/CC4/CC5" mean for Bitspower Compression Fittings?

    Like the following item, what does it mean: -Dual Rotary 60-Degree Compression Fitting "CC5" Thanks, Connor.
  19. N

    Question Black Screen and yellow light blinking

    Hey there, any suggestions would be appreciated. My monitor started showing black screen after changing motherboard. My pc specs are Intel i3 3220 , Intel dh61bf (old) 12gb ram (4+8) and gtx 1050ti and power supply is Zebronics 450w . With all these it works well even now ! I changed my...
  20. T

    Question Funny ****** situation-laptop speakers xxxx the bed

    As title says, laptop speakers * the bed. It is a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 gaming laptop and the laptop never goes beyond 16 for volume since it feels slightly loud already at 16. While watching a video on youtube the sound dipped like 50% in volume and I could barely hear a thing. Afterward I turn...