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  1. xForbiddenOne

    Question dwm.exe crashes playing Rocket League

    Hey everyone, I have a bit of a peculiar problem that I'd like to bounce off of the community here. I've been having intermittent issues with dwm.exe crashing, but only while playing the game known as Rocket League. Not often, but it does happen. This results in a black screen that kind of...
  2. J

    Question Is my GPU dying or is this something else?

    First things first, my specs: GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 Ti (EVGA FTW3 ICX) CPU: Intel i7 8700 Memory: 32gb RAM PSU: 850w Corsair TX-M Series TX850M I was playing the new Mount and Blade: Bannerlord game, which I have been doing for the past week with zero issues, except today something...
  3. M

    Question Client server runtime process and Desktop window manager

    So two days ago these two processes showed up on my task manager consuming 10%gpu usage each while watching streams.Note that i have read that they are there by the windows for a purpose but my question is saw them for the first time now. I monitor my pc all the time using cpuid even when i am...
  4. Question Windows Eating All My GPU

    Whenever I am playing Overwatch or any other game, my game performance often goes down from like 70 FPS to 10 FPS; this continues for over 3-7 seconds, and the FPS returns to its expected, smooth value. I checked with the Task Manager and found that the following two processes are active and...
  5. R

    Asus X99 Deluxe II motherboard power question

    I'm just wiring up my very first PC build and have a question regarding the power connectors on my motherboard (an X99 deluxe II) and my Corsair AX1200i Psu , and the motherboard manual is a little vague. I have connected up both the 24 pin and 8 pin power cables to my PSU but do i still need...
  6. R

    New GTX 1060- Crashes Pc after starting a game

    I just got my gtx 1060 today, after starting h1z1 and star wars battlefront my pc has crashed. Anyone have ideas? I need help really bad.
  7. Philip Babilonia

    Power Supply not powering my Video Card

    Hi I recently purchased a SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon™ R9 380 4G D5 with back plate GPU and a Seasonic S12II 520W PSU. I'm trying to plug it in today and it's my first time so it takes quite some time when I finally notice that the GPU doesn't power up fully whatever I do even with the correct...