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    [SOLVED] GPU having driver/DirectX issues?

    So i just bought a used Gigabyte GTX 670 a few days ago(Been using intel HD). I can play any old games with the highest quality now, but i noticed that Bioshock, Titanfall 2, NFS Rivals, and Watch Dogs 2 just keep on crashing. There's also that "Driver has stopped responding and has restarted...
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    Appreciate advice on which motherboard suits my build

    I am a Brit so apologies if I am not clear ... My current thinking for my build is Intel i5-6500 with DDR4 minimum [?] 8GB ram ... OS windows 10 pro 64 bit .. 200+ SSD for OS et al ... 7200 HDD 1TB for the rest [maybe a hybrid????] Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Not currently into gaming nor extreme...