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  1. Avaritia

    Question Whenever I play a game that uses DX12 it crashes after 10-20 min what should I do to fix it?

    So I recently (a week ago) got a new prebuilt desktop, since it was cheaper compared to going DIY in my country, and for some reason whenever I play a game that uses DX12 it would crash after 10 to 20 min. I know its DX12 since whenever I play a game that uses DX11 or has the option to choose...
  2. G

    Question Getting desperate with new build. Can't play use any kind of recording software such as Instant Capture on games that use DX12 without crashing.

    It has been about a month now since I built my new PC, and buy new I mean new everything except for my GPU. Here are my specs below. Windows 11 Pro Gigabyte X670 Elite AX (using latest BIOS F7b) Ryzen 7 7700X MSI 3080ti Gaming X (same GPU from previous build) G.Skill 32GB RAM 6000MHz EXPO...
  3. RobinGames

    Question PC Shuts down and Restarts when playing DX12 Games or running 3D mark fire strike test

    PC Specs: X570 Taichi Motherboard 4x8 Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200mhz ram CL16 5600x Ryzen CPU 6800xt Merc 319 XFX RM850X Corsair Power Supply (1 1/2 years old) 2TB Sabrent Rocket SSD 4TB Toshiba 300X HDD (2 or 3 years old) 9 fans on a cooler master Mesh TD300 case Alright fellas I have...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Computer crashes an hour into gaming but only for DX12

    Got an interesting issue or at least I think so. Hopefully this is the appropriate thread, let me know if not. Have been troubleshooting for a month, have made progress but now feel like I’m chasing a red herring maybe. So I had built a fairly new PC, Used some Parts from my previous build...