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    Question Gateway DX4870 won't detect any graphics card

    Hello. My Gateway DX4870 desktop tower could not detect any graphics card when I turned on the computer. I had just bought an MSI Nvidia Ge Force GT 730 2GB graphics card and installed it into the graphics card slot of my desktop. But when I turned on the computer, the Gateway logo just shows 1...
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    rx 470 4gb

    guys please help, while playing ac my pc crashed and it won't start and it makes 3 beebs after pushing start button then i tried to remove the ram and change it's slot but the problem isn't in the ram i tried to remove my rx 470 and replaced it with gtx 650 so the pc started normally so the it...
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    Looking for a gaming laptop for csgo

    I am trying to get a gaming laptop that gives me like constantly over 250-300 fps on csgo, I also wanna do school works on it and mostly play games that aren't hard to run, for ex-csgo,cf. dunno if there's any laptop that meets my need but 200+ would also be on my list and also touchscreen would...