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  1. Z

    Question Extreme DPC Latency issues with unknown cause ?

    Hi all. About a month ago, I started having DPC latency issues. It has made this past week absolute hell. I've explored several different forums, troubleshooted every imaginable cause I can think of, and have had my workflow heavily impeded by this issue as it renders Blender (I'm too pissed to...
  2. WhiteSnake91

    [SOLVED] RX 480 8gb crashing/BSOD during gaming but stable in furmark? Mind boggled

    I'm absolutely mind boggled at my current problem. A little backstory, recently replaced an old asrock pro4 b350 that had a dead ram slot and was faulty elsewhere too since system was randomly completely locking up, did a fresh w10 64bit pro install too. Unfortunately it seems like I've traded...
  3. D

    USB over current?

    I just build my very first computer last night, and when I turned it on I got a code saying, " no keyboard detected" and "USB over current systems will shut down in 15 seconds" Any advice? Or ways to fix it?