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    Question Why can't a GeForce 1050 support RTX through DXR?

    Very simple question, requiring a knowledgeable answer. I have been Googling around, looking for any sort of workaround that would allow a 1050 card to support raytracing. For some reason that I do not understand, only the 1060 and up have been given support for this. OK... Well I don't really...
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    Question RTX 2060 not working properly

    Hello. Have a good time. Recently I upgraded my ( A10-7860K | Rx580 8GB | 8GB RAM ) to ( I5-9400F | RTX 2060 TUF | 16GB RAM | Asus H310M-C R2.0 ) Before connecting my Boot Device to this new rig, I uninstalled my AMD driver with "AMD Cleanup utility" and after connecting it to the new rig, I...