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    Question My PC suddenly keeps dying when playing games

    Hey. I've had my PC for 8 years, I just changed RAM-s 1 year ago. Everything was fine, but now suddenlly around 2 weeks ago my PC keeps dying while playing games. While playing the screen suddenly turns to black, but I can still hear everything for a like 5-10 seconds. Then I can only see the...
  2. L

    Question Is my GPU dying?

    Hey, I'll try to explain this as thoroughly as possible. Sometimes after I launch a game, it would crash after a short while. The screen turns black, after a second the taskbar shows up partially loaded and every window of a program is just a black box. If I restart the Explorer everything goes...
  3. D

    Question GTX 1070 broken HDMI and broken fan, signs of a dying GPU?

    So i've recently discovered a GTX 1070 Palit 8GB for under $300, but the HDMI port is broken, along with a replaced fan (singular fan only, the other one is still fine). I have no issues whatsoever with these caveats but any chances these are indicators of a dying GPU? Below are the heaven...
  4. Avid_Stalker

    Question 6900xt Red Devil Limited Edition VRAM Dying Help Please Help Help

    Howdy, So my 6900xt Red Devil limited edition I have had the card coming up nearly a year every thing has been fine and the card has been great. Currently I'm having some. Issues with Battlefield 2042 and just want to see if anyone else has the same problem. but i cant find anything close to...
  5. MxzsyXII

    [SOLVED] Can a dying HDD cause problems with Windows that's installed on a whole different SSD?

    So I've got Windows 11 installed on a WD Black SN750 500GB NVMe SSD. I used a 2tb WD Blue 5400RPM that I've had since 2017 for mass storage of games, movies, downloads, clips and everything in between. Recently (even when I was on Windows 10) my OS has been acting a bit funny. It randomly...
  6. QualityDamage

    [SOLVED] GPU dying?

    I got 2 major problems with my GPU even though it performs well. First Question: I move the 8 prong GPU cord a little bit and the Display cuts out and I have to restart my computer for it to work again, is it a Short in the wire or could it be something else? Second Question: I was playing RDR2...
  7. Ragoubi57

    Is my gpu fine ?

    Guys i have bought a prebuilt pc with gtx 1650 super back in march 2020 never had any problems with it. But yesterday weird colorful flickering started showing on screen and then signal was lost and i whenever i reboot pc the same flickering appears and the pc loses signal after a while but...
  8. slavi132

    [SOLVED] Hard disk issue

    Hello guys , recently my hard disk decided to decrease its perfomance by alot and everytime i try to open a file , video or whatever it just starts to freeze and stutter and sometimes it stays at 100% active time when nothing is happening, my games on it also stutter. I did alot of tests like...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Graphics card glitching while gaming, is it dying?

    Hi, so I have a 3 year old gtx 1070 and recently, seemingly out of nowhere I started having these weird glitches whilst playing games. It happens at random for only 1 or 2 frames. I managed to record it with my phone and screenshot the frame. My temps have never really been good, usually...
  10. X

    Question Is this a sign of my GPU dying?

    I have a gtx 1080 I recently upgraded to a 32inch 2k resolution 165hz monitor. The screen would go black when playing Dragon age inquisition. I read online that this is probably my psu or gpu failing. I returned the monitor and got a new monitor that is 1080p 144hz. The thing is, is that it...
  11. P

    Question Motherboard dying or just RAM

    So I've started having BSoD a while back (a month ago), it became frequent out of no where. I looked up some of the error codes and came to the conclusion it could be my RAM finally dying (had them for about +7 years). Ran memtest86 and it was spitting out errors like crazy. Decided to ignore it...
  12. elmiste

    [SOLVED] Pc shows no image

    Hello I was playing a few hours on my pc when i have this crush blue screen on my pc thread_stuck_in_device_driver. After this my pc reboot but show no image(no signal). I try a different monitor because sometimes this happen with my tv , but don't work. All the fans are working even the the fan...
  13. Y

    6700k upgrade problem

    Hi guys newbie here Specs Msi z170a gaming m7 I5 6600k Team tforce ddr4 3000mhz Corsair Hx1200w power supply GTX 1070ti Corsair h115i cooler I recently upgraded my cpu to i7 6700k this is when the problems started my ram is very unstable with this chip I can boot into windows no...
  14. S

    USB Disconnection problem

    So i got a new pc 1 week ago and it worked great. But out of nowhere i have been getting issues with usb ports. Whenever i plug in my headphones via usb, wifi disconnects. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  15. U

    I believe my PC is dying

    Hello all, just trying to get some feedback before I spend much more money. I have a decent gaming rig for several years now (Windows 10 Pro, i5-3570k, 16 gb ram and now a gtx 970 (got one 2nd hand from a friend over a year ago) and had no problems until recently. I had an SSD running the OS and...
  16. G

    Need help choosing new PSU

    Hi, I'm gonna be upgrading my PC and will need new PSU and through some PSU calculators I decided that 700W would suffice, but I need help with choosing which I should buy. Preferably max to 100 USD. (I'm okay if the PSU is 750W too or if you have any other recommendation) Main components I'm...
  17. R

    Creating a customized fillable form for mobile phone use

    For reference, I am attempting to create a form that will be used in a healthcare setting. It will have information regarding patient activity, stability, vitals, and grooming. How can I create a fillable form that would mimic our paper form? The intention is for my staff to complete this form...
  18. R

    Ryzen 1700 temp shows 0 C in all programs

    I just completed my build last night with a Ryzen 1700 and ASUS Crosshair mobo. At first the temp was showing fine in Bios and Ryzen Master. At some point during updating the drivers and BIOS the temperature stopped being reported. I now see 0 C in every program that reports the Ryzen CPU...
  19. R

    Computer to Modem Issues

    Hello I just built my first PC for gaming, all components brand new. The problem is that when I connect it to my home modem either by wi-fi or with a cable, the internet average is about 0.05 Mbps (my home-internet is about 5Mbps), but not only that, it slows the internet speed on all other...
  20. C

    CPU running 100 celcius

    Hello, I built my PC a couple years ago and it ran perfectly, but after I came back from college for Thanksgiving break the CPU started to run really hot(screenshots below). I tried to reapplying thermal paste and reseating the cpu cooler, but nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated...
  21. D

    My xbox 360 wired controller doesn't recognized

    My xbox 360 controller doesn't recognized by my pc, it work properly before and im not use it for 2 weeks, and im trying to use it again. But my pc can't recognize it, my controller flashing all rings 4 times before my pc said it not recognized. can someone help me? Thanks before.
  22. V

    Stuck Flashing BIOS, Blackscreen, no storage devices

    I just bought a new motherboard, and I had a problem with dual-monitors, suddenly 1 monitor would stop being detected by the system, and could only be resolved by a reboot. A google search showed that updating the bios would likely resolve this issue, as the video drivers were already...
  23. I

    Budget Video Editing/Streaming PC (Around $400-$550 USD)

    I have a friend that needs to do some basic video editing and livestreaming with a group of friends, as well as maintaining a YouTube channel for the same group. I asked him what type of budget he had and he said "Anywhere from $400 to about $550." I told him I can build it, and he needs to just...
  24. T

    [HELP] HDD Format Help [HELP]

    Ok so, I have my PC up and running but I need to partition my HDD in order to use it. So i went onto the Disk Management thing and right clicked on the 1TB and I've got up to the bit where I need to select an Allocation Unit Size. I have no idea what this is. Just incase you need to know I am...
  25. P

    Z87 Extreme 9a/c

    Hello, having some weird issues on switching on the PC. Every time i want to use the desktop pc i have to power the psu completely off and turning it back on press button and computer runs flawlessly like nothing happened, but when i power it off from windows or button, it wont switch on anymore...
  26. TheForetold1

    Steam Console vs Mini PC?

    Hello, I have been looking at the Steam Machines for a while now and wish to purchase one. However, I have just realised that they are just Mini ITX towers with Steam OS inbuilt and the Steam logo on it. So now I find myself conflicted as to which one to get, so would like some help...
  27. J

    how to open the cd drive or room of topshiba c55b5299

    how to open the cd drive or room of toshiba c55 b5299
  28. L

    144hz monitors good?

    will it be bad if i got a 144hz monitor but couldnt get 144fps on all my games? some of my games run at like 40-90fps others run at like 150+fps
  29. J

    Will this build work with all the new games on high (not max resolution) and succeed?

    I was thinking in building a new gaming pc but i am not in a very wealthy situation so i´d like if you could tell me if this build will succeed with the new games. Amd fx6300, 8gb of Ram and a 280x or a gtx 960. Thank u very much! If u could tell me some more ideas it would be great!!