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  1. Blitzsensenmannhase

    Question Dynamic Super Resolution factors conflicting with monitor firmware

    I've struggled with this problem before even took it to nvdia got alot of support members involved they concluded that the reason dsr and subsequently dldsr do not function properly is due to the firmware of my monitor I have an asus vg34v 3440x1440 21:9 165hz monitor the problem is that the dsr...
  2. Siralextraffo

    CPU and GPU heating problems + massive GPU load

    Hello everyone. I have an Intel i7 4790k and a GTX 1080ti Strix OC; despite being quite a good combo and allowing me to play every game at max details without a single drop, I seem to have some heat and load issue. The cooler is a Cryorig R1 Universal, but I am not sure how to change the...
  3. H

    Can't Find Minecraft Deleted Worlds

    So,the other day I deleted a Minecraft world because I got mad and raged,but I relized it was a big mistake and I want it back,I'm on windows 10 and I cant find it Under the properties of Saves in .minecraft,I tried to click previous versions and nothing shows,some people said it saves into...
  4. A

    best port for using a 144hz 2560 x 1440 gaming monitor?

    I have a AMD HD 7950 which has mini dp and hdmi ports, and the monitor I am thinking of buying has regular dp and hdmi ports. What's the best way to connect the monitor to enjoy the full 2560 x 1440 @ 144hz resolution? Monitor is Acer XG270HU btw. I was thinking of just getting a mini dp to dp...
  5. N

    Good Gpu for me

    Hi there, I am looking for a good price/performance gpu for my first pc build. My mobo will be the Asus Crosshair v Formula Z which i got for a really good price. My cpu will most likely be the Amd Fx 8350 Now, for my Gpu I am thinking of purchasing the Amd r9 280x. Will this be a good Gpu for...
  6. J

    MSI or Gigabyte

    I am getting SLI 980 Ti's, and what should i get 2 MSI cards or 2 Gigabyte cards?