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  1. Muneeb Mehrban

    [SOLVED] Intel-E8500 clock speed not going above 2.95Ghz

    I was using Intel-E7500 2.93Ghz.Its speed was going to 2.93.But clock speed of newly installed cpu is not going above 2.95Ghz.I had installed new windows to properly configure cpu. But nothing changed. I did not tried anything yet for this problem.
  2. R

    HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Surround Sound Problem

    I just recently got my HyperX Cloud II in the mail and was extremely excited to try the surround sound. To my disappointment, there was a constant static noise in the background loud enough to annoy me. I can't use surround sound at all.. some help would be appreciated.
  3. S

    Best laptops for writing?

    I've been buying and building PCs for 15+ years now and am used to evaluating hardware choices based on the usual criteria. I'm now trying to select a laptop to use almost exclusively for writing, and I'm at a bit of a loss as few people talk about what is likely the most important feature to...
  4. G

    $800 and under gaming pc help.

    hey everyone, I have $800 to spend on a computer and I do not need the following: keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor what I also need though is an os (preferably windows 7) and with the cpu I can't decide intel or amd, I want it to be future proof but I want it so it will run...
  5. B

    What's a good X79 board for overclocking an I7 4820k

    Hey guys I'm looking for a X79 Chipset mobo that is really good for overclocking a 4820k hopefully past 4.8ghz. I've considered the Asus Rampage Black Edition but that is my price limit at the moment. I plan on using a custom loop and water cooling 3 780s (R9 290s if price goes down) to power...