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    Question My Apple earpods mic stopped working after windows update.

    Hello, I use my apple earpods microphone when I play games with friends because it is a good microphone for some reason. I have an audio + mic splitter for my pc, and normally it works fine when I plug in the earpods. I can use it as a microphone and as earphones. However, after a windows...
  2. S

    Question Which would be best?

    The Sony WF-1000xm3 or the FiiO BTR3 with Aurvana Trio? Just looking for advice really, ideally from anyone who has had experience/ knowledge of the above devices or something similar. I plan to use them for general gaming, watching movies and listening to music (mostly indoors). I’m not an...
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    Question What is the best waterproof earphone?

    Hello Folks, Recently I bought a new Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones. It is not working for iPhone. Just need some good earphones with supports Iphone-X. Please help! Thanks & Regards JonhRobet
  4. B

    I have a nikon fg, and I'm missing a piece that's I can't ding anywhere...... I need help

    I am missing a piece between the capture button and the film advance lever, its what helps is stay in plave , plus capture the picture.Where could only find one?