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    [SOLVED] LAPTOP** How to upgrade my m.2 SATA SSD to a larger one without any data loss? Have both HDD and m.2SSD installed

    Gist notes: -Using laptop, has internal space for 1 m.2 ssd (NOT nvme) &1 hdd -Need to upgrade tiny ssd to bigger ssd -How do I upgrade (including transferring windows to bigger ssd) without losing any data on tiny ssd/hdd? Hello! Hopefully I'm in the right place. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron...
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    Question Cloned my Windows 10 boot drive to my new SSD, it is GPT format but will not boot

    I spent hours trimming the fat on my windows boot drive so that I could clone it to my new SSD (only 250gb) and I have cloned it. Since my Windows boot drive ( C: drive ), is MBR format, I set up the SSD as a MBR format drive, then cloned the C: drive to it (for the cloning process I used EaseUS...
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    No Phone for Steam Guard.

    I dont have a phone to use for steam guard. I would like to get it to trade and use the market but can't use my phone. What is the cheapest and best solution for this problem?