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  1. VivianaVasilica

    [SOLVED] When I enter anti cheat games my computer restarts

    Every time I enter an anti-cheat game my computer restarts, why? I play paladins, smite and dead by daylight and when I enter the game my computer always restarts specifications: Amd ryzen 5 5600x Asrock b550 pro 4
  2. Plus25Karma

    [SOLVED] Easyanticheat crashes the game and automatically restarts my computer? HELP

    Problem: Game crashes when it has easyanticheat, and shuts off my PC screen and then restarts itself. This is for my games with easyanticheat and they both don't work Rust and Apex Fortnite also has easyanticheat but it works SOMETIMES. I don't think it is my PC problem since I can play games...