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  1. A

    [SOLVED] How to preven HTPC Audio device from powering down

    Hey All, Is it possible to trick a PC audio device to remain powered ON and paired/connected at all times? (note: audio device has a non-configurable ECO setting that powers down after inactivity) ISSUE: I have a PC with a VIZIO soundbar that powers off after inactivity while the PC is awake...
  2. Skydaz

    Question What is Embedded Controller reset (EC) and will it erase any of my data or driver ?

    Hello, have a msi ge62 2qf apache pro laptop. So my problem is, I cant use the fn + f5 button to switch to eco mode. So, i search up on the msi forum and someone says resetting ec button can fix the problem. My question is, what is Embedded Controller and does resetting it will revert my driver...