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  1. Rupret

    Question Motherboard ECS H310CH5-M2 Not displaying video with processor Intel Core I5 9400F (series F)

    Hi guys, The motherboard cannot display any video, with or without an external PCIE video card. When we try a different processor (not series F) it works ok. The web page says it supports this processor. To sort this issue, we had to use another micro, then change from UEFI to LEGACY, and then...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] NVMe on intel gen 4 motherboard.

    Hello, I got an NVMe(Samsung 970 EVO) and wanted to know if it will work on my 4th gen intel motherboard(no m.2 slot) and will it be possible to boot from it. I plan on using in with an PCIe adpater(SilverStone SST-ECM22). My specs Motherboard: ECS gank machine z87h3-a2x extreme CPU: Intel...
  3. ALEX0264

    [SOLVED] BIOS needed for old Acer/ECS SF2/661FX Motherboard

    Hello, Bit of a long shot this one, not sure if anyone will be able to help, but thought I would ask anyway! Attempting to build a 'retro' (well mid 2000's) system based on the PGA478 socket. The board in question is an ECS SF2/661FX Rev 1.1, Acer branded. I made a critical error when updating...
  4. C

    Question GTX 1050ti OEM

    Are there really cards like GTX 1050ti OEM, because I saw one it's very cheap he also said it came from an OEM PC and the brand of the card is ECS GTX 1050ti, are there any downsides? Thanks for future inputs
  5. M

    Question How is Gigabyte's RMA and reliability of their motherboards?

    Hi, I am a first time user of Gigabyte motherboard. How is the RMA of this company and reliability of their motherboards? As some of you know, I got a Z390 Ardours Xtreme. There were problems with getting it to POST at the beginning but after unplugging all the components including the CPU and...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Windows on SSD and HDD

    Hi, I have win on SSD and HDD is this ok or not good? And main boot is from SSD did second windows mess with main boot windows? Or i must delete HDD windows?
  7. J

    Question change btx to another btx

    i got this computer . fujitsu p5731 with btx motherboard, anybody know if this btx motherboard would fit in this case . both are btx motherboards but not sure if it will fit. reason for this is getting use of the case and upgrading it to a 1155 system with i5 2400 cpu...
  8. jazmag

    Gpu sweet spot

    So I'm having to RMA my MSI GTX 980 ti gaming and MSI state that if they can't repair the card they'll replace it or upgrade it with a fee. If it's the latter, replace/upgrade is there a bang for buck sweet spot in the gpu market? I won't be able to afford much extra but I reckon a hundred on...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Question of compatibility for RAM w/ GIGABYTE AB350M-DS3H

    MOBO: GIGABYTE AB350M-DS3H AM4 AMD RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16) I was looking to purchase this MOBO to make a build and was wondering if there would be any comparability issues with these two sticks of RAM which I currently own. Would they...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] hardware not fully used still fps not going up

    So, im playing overwatch, i just recently upgraded my i5 6600k to an i7 8700k and i use an gtx 1080 and 8gb of ram, i have a custom water loop so the temps are low, i play the game with a 300 fps cap and when im in the practise range for example i get 300 fps but in more demanding maps i stay at...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] csgo mid setting for a 80$ budget

    can i build a gaming pc for csgo in mid setting but i only have 80$. is it possible?
  12. F

    Looking for a build with also monitor and peripherals - €3000/3500

    Hello there, My pc is suddenly death (socket 1156..) and so I have to build a new one with a €3000/€3500 budget. (Italy) The budget is so high 'cause I expect it to live a long life without the problem of upgrading anything. But here we are, all I know is the resolution I wouldlike to use (2K...
  13. N

    Is the best I can get out of £1200 for a pc?

    Hi just was wondering if this was a decent build for streaming and gaming, as my current pc is only an intel i5 7600k and 1060 3gb. Many Thanks
  14. C

    Question about sockets

    So I have a laptop with a i7-3540M with socket 988b rpga according to cpu-z I also have a desktop with an i3 with socket 1150 LGA My question is: Will the laptop's I7 work in my dekstop's socket? Also if not do I need to get that specific socket when buying a new processor?
  15. X

    upgrade from 960 4gb

    I'm planning an upgrade(i'll buy a graphic card tomorrow or so) but i have 2 questions. I'm trying to decide if I buy the 1080ti or rtx 2080, in term of performance are equal(at least now). So first of all i'm worried that my psu could not handle this cards(??) i'm currently using an Nox Urano...
  16. E

    software to overclock intel celeron n3060

    please i want to know the software i can use to over clock intel celeron 3060, i know the risks and i am ready to take them, all i want to know is the name of the software
  17. J

    New GTX 1070 graphics in computer but computer wont boot up.

    I just got a new graphics card for my computer, I have a Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, a 650 watt power supply model: PS-650TM, 8GB ram, i5 processor, my computer turns on and runs fine when I turn it on using the default graphics card when I put the new graphics card in all the fans work...
  18. M

    PC stuck in boot loop if i use my RAM in the first slot or in dual channel

    My motherboard has 2 ram slots. If i use the second slot, everything works fine, but if i use the first one or i have my ram in dual channel, pc is stuck in a boot loop. Are there any other possibilities than a dead RAM slot?
  19. L

    Keyboard not working

    My keyboard ain't working...what should I do??
  20. N

    Need help picking monitor

    So im in the process of building my 1st pc. Ive got everything except gpu, planning on waiting to see benchmarks of the rtx 2080 to decide btw gtx80 or rtx80, my build is a ryzen 5 2600 16 gb ram , 4 fans and asus pro mobo. Will i be able to game on 1440p 144hz withought having to worry bout...
  21. M

    Just bought GeForce GTX 1070 Founder's Edition - Need CPU Advice!

    So, my old GTX 750ti GPU took a <mod edit, watch the language> on me and I decided to upgrade to the 1070 because my friend sold it to me really cheap. But, my CPU is completely bottlenecking the 1070. Im getting only like 75 FPS on CS:GO and like 60 on Battlefield. Even worse im getting like...
  22. W

    Change network to private

    My network is set up as a public because this idiot decided that I didn't need to do that when I set up the machine. I have now spent hours looking up how to change my network type, but I cannot find it anywhere in Homegroup, windows settings or control panel. This sounds like such a windows...
  23. L

    Extremely bad fps drops with decent hardware

    Hello, I am having a problem with my pc. When im playing games about every 5 seconds or more my fps goes down to about 3fps or around that. My Hardware: CPU: I3-6100 (older version) GPU: Asus gtx 1060 3gb Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H Ram: 8gb 2144 ddr4 PSU: 600w Storage: 240gb ssd, 1tb hdd...
  24. J

    MSI B350 PC Mate won't post after overclock AND resetting CMOS

    MSI B350 PC mate Ryzen 5 1600 EVGA GTX 1060 SC 6GB ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3000Ghz Model No. AX4U300038G16-DBG EVGA 500w bronze I put my computer together and it posted fine on the first try. I booted into windows and downloaded drivers. I rebooted and went into the bios and...
  25. A

    1060 6GB Random Black Screens w/Sound and Power Still ON

    Hey everyone. I've been having a serious issue with my computer this week, as I receive black screens and No Signal prompts after about 5-10 minutes in any 3D graphics heavy game. I get a windows notification chime, but I can still hear whatever is going on in-game. The fans sound like they go...
  26. StupidComputers

    Can you get the security of a router with another option?

    Looking for the security offered by a router that can handle gigabit speeds, without having to pay for the parts I won't use. (I might use DD-WRT) My current router can't handle gigabit. I use it as a security layer between one pc and the ISP controlled modem. Gigabit routers are...
  27. woahwoahwilly

    Looking for a new budget PSU

    I'm wanting to replace my 6-year-old Rocketfish 500W PSU (80+ certified), and it's pretty mediocre compared to today's power supplies, but I don't know what to get. I want one that is at least 500W, is 80+ certified or better, and maybe fully modular. That said my budget is 50 US dollars.
  28. G

    Cougar Panzer G Mid-Tower Chassis Review: Good Looks, Great Performance

    The Cougar Panzer G's sharp lines and aggressive style might not be for everyone but the chassis’ overall performance will delight gamers, overclockers and performance enthusiasts alike. Cougar Panzer G Mid-Tower Chassis Review: Good Looks, Great Performance : Read more
  29. icewolf461

    Different BSOD each day

    Hi. I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 on a new PC build and I've been having some blue screens. I have attached the minidumps and specs below. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :) Specs: OS: Windows 10 64 Bit RAM: 4GB DDR4 GPU: MSI GT 710 2GB CPU: Intel G4560 PSU: EVGA 500W HDD: 1TB...
  30. A

    Which gpu should i get

    ASUS GT1030-SL-2G-BRK, ASUS GT1030-2G-BRK, ASUS PH-GT1030-O2G? So what is the best out of these. And does the gt 1030 need extra cooling or not?
  31. R

    Sound bar as a centre speaker from preout.

    I have an old RX-V1050 which has Pre Out RCA for centre, Sub, and rear speakers. I want to use a YAS-107 as the centre channel as it is in essence an amplifier and speaker. I understand the intent of soundbars is to replace such equipment but it would suit me to use it in this way. There is an...
  32. B

    Casual Budget PC

    Hi there! I'm foreign to this site, but I need consultation, and hopefully you all will welcome and indulge me. I generally game with a PS4, but am strongly considering a PC. However, I have no immediate intentions of using it for hardcore gaming; I don't need the highest specs. I intend to...
  33. S

    How do I find what gpu I have without an os

    I recently got an old htpc (home theatre pc) from my uncle but want to find out what graphics card ot has but he took out the drive with the os on so I cant find out using an os. So us there a way to find what gpu it has just by looking at it.
  34. onni313

    Storing CPU in mobo with bent pins in the socket safe?

    I've kept my i5-3470 in my LGA 1155 mobo that has bent pins in the socket for about 2 months, and im going to sell it. Could my CPU be broken cause of these broken pins? I dont have any other LGA 1155 motherboards, and i want to sell it 100% working.
  35. G

    What motherboard should i get for 8th Gen Core i7

    Good evening guys. Someone recommended me to buy the ASRock Z370 Extreme4 for my 8th Gen Core i7-8700K Processor, but when I checked the specs of that motherboard I saw that it doesn't have wi-fi. Can somebody recommend me a good motherboard of $180 bucks at most that bring wi-fi support and is...
  36. B

    Will my current PSU be enough?

    I have a 400W PSU with the following specs: +5V 14A -5V 0.5A +12V 5A -12V 0.5A +3.3V 10A +5VSB 2A Currently it's powering a PC with a Core 2 Duo E8400 and a GT 730 2GB GDDR5. So I was wondering would I be able to upgrade to a Core 2 Quad Q6600 (and maybe eventually a GT 1030) without changing...
  37. B

    How to compare performance speed between two external drives?

    Hi guys, I was checking some external drives and their prices on the website of amazon. I was surprised to see that two models with the same storage capacity (2 TB) and with data transfer speeds of 5.120 MB/s and 625 MB/s respectively (so big difference...) could have almost the same price! Do...
  38. R

    Best way to set up a h60 cooler

    What would be the best way to set up a h60 cooler. rear mount intake with 2 op mount outtakes, top mount outtake or any other way
  39. R

    My S6 edge plus constantly fills storage

    My s6 edge plus started telling me i was running low on space a little while ago and it recommended i clear up 18gb by moving all my photos to google drive so i did so. So now there was 18gb of free space on my phone. But.... 2 days later it said my storage was full again and i changed...
  40. Mongrel

    Didn't clean install windows and everything is fine?

    I got an i7700 bundle for christmas which included a new mobo. I was gonna do a clean install of windows when I got it and I already had the win 10 usb on it. The usb didn't boot for some reason and I just logged in and everything is fine.. Performance is fantastic, I guess some are lucky? :)...