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    Question Looking for certain model EDID emulator for use with Xbox Series X and Dell P2715Q

    Hello My P2715Q is revision A02 (2015), which means its capability of 4k60 is only possible through the DP and MiniDP 1.2 ports. To remedy this, I purchased an HDMI 2.0 to DP 1.2 adapter (CAC-1331) to use with my Xbox. Unfortunately on other forums, I noticed that the timings are different...
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    [SOLVED] Is there a programmable EDID dummy DP plug? (headless display)

    I want to have a display port plug that runs in a custom resolution with custom timings. I'm looking at these plugs on amazon for headless displays (a computer without a monitor), but they only support a list of resolutions. This is a problem because I'm trying to cast, and if I use a spare...
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    [SOLVED] is OC good?

    I'm going to buy a ryzen 5 2400, and i want to OC it to the max. also want to OC the 2400MHz ram to nearly 3200. will it harm my components?? if i want to avoid damage, what should i do??
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    What should I go for mid budget 2016 gaming build

    I needed a advise from u.....I m building a mid level gaming pc....I thinking to go for i5 6400 or 6500 and gigabyte mobo..z170x gaming 3 or H170 gaming 3 or B150 g1 sniper B7..8gb ram ddr4 ram and 1tb hdd..plz suggest which processor mobo and 22 or 23 inch monitor both for gaming as well as...
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    GPU upgrade for my system

    Hy guys! So i traded my old athlon for an i5 3450, and a Z75 mb. Now i wanna make a gpu upgrade, cause right now i m using the integrated chipset in the i5. A local dealer has the following GPU's for a really good price (Romania): Nvidia GTX 760 TI OEM, brand new for 160$ Gigabyte Nvidia GTX...
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    Cpu bottlnecked during gaming, gpu at ~50%

    I have a AMD Athlon II X4 631 overclocked to 4ghz with a Radeon 6850. I assumed (especially overclocking so much) that this processor would be plenty powerful enough, and my gpu would be the bottleneck, but it appears to be the opposite. Should this be the case or is there something wrong...