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  1. ProgamerIV

    Question 4K video editing on a budget - is this build OK?

    As the title says, a friend of mine who knows absolutely nothing about computers, asked me to build him a 4K editing PC. But he's on a budget, we live in Hungary so the market is quite different (prices for electronics are very high thanks to our record-high VAT), but he has around 640usd...

    Question Is this a good deal???

    Hello everyone, Im looking to switch back to desktop and I’ve been looking around for good deals. I found this posting for €850 the components are Ryzen 5 1500x MSI x370 gaming pro carbon Gigabyte Aorus Ron 2x8 gb 3200mhz MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor 8gb Samsung 840 evo 750gb Cooler master G650M...
  3. Tell_Em_Slime

    [SOLVED] PC Upgrade Suggestions for Adobe Premiere?

    Hi Everyone! I have a pretty decent computer but when I try to run Adobe Premiere on it (with about 10 GB of allocated ram to it and the playback on 1/4 quality), I can barely watch videos back smoothly and most effects (even just masking) will really reduce the performance down to a crawl. I...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Best computer build for video editing? $5000 budget

    What's a good build for editing? Spent around $2000 on my last computer and it's just not cutting it anymore. Once I start adding effects it's impossible to play the timeline smoothly. My current specs are: i7-7700K 32 GB ram GTX 1080ti graphics card 480GB SSD I do a lot of heavy duty visual...
  5. A

    Speaker and amplifier connection!

    Hi, I recently found a Sonken SA 700 RS amplifier lying a few streets down mine, it seemed pretty fine so I thought I should take it home as it may be of some use to me. Later in the week, I found a pair of speakers around the same area. The speakers seemed like one of those speakers with...
  6. T

    XMP black screen

    Hello all, I have recently enabled xmp after overclocking my i7-7700k to 5.0GHZ and now my pc will boot to bips and then to a black screen. On occasion, windows will try to boot but fail and says "NTFS_file_system" and restarts. Any help is greatly appreciated. P.S. I have no windows recovery disc
  7. B

    FPS Drops win10

    I upgraded to the free version of win 10 back in august and have been having issues with gaming ever since the upgrade. My specs are as follows: i5 2500k 3.3 ghz (non OCed), gtx 670, 8gb ddr3 ripjaws ram, b75m-DGS mobo from asrock. All my drivers are up to date and i have already unparked my...
  8. C

    Laptop for school and non demanding games.

    Hello my name is Carson. And have been looking for a good laptop for on the go gaming and school. I want to be able to write books, play some games like , minecraft, Banished, sims, and warframe. But also a portable device that has good battery. I can take some comprimises. Also something 15...