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  1. J

    Question does a hard drive spin when it is unmounted?

    Hello, I am considering putting my storage drives in my main rig. However, the drives are formatted in ext4 and I have no intention of using them in windows. (I use a dual boot windows and linux) My question is if a drive or file system is not mounted in windows is that drive Not spinning? I...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Corsair cx-650f psu coil whine and efficiency question

    Just installed my Corsair cx psu and Ive noticed There's an aggregious coil whine, I'm just wondering if it's worth returning as in hindsight I maybe should've got a more energy efficient and higher quality PSU :/ in these times where energy prices are so high (I'm in the UK) do you think I...
  3. M

    Discussion Thoughts on increasing GPU power usage and global warming

    Hello everyone, this is something that's been on my mind ever since the launch of the 3090, and especially now with the 3090 Ti and the upcoming launches of RDNA3 and, in particular, Lovelace, I feel like it's something I want to discuss with the community. In last couple of years, governing...
  4. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] Is Thermaltake Litepower 350W PSU 80 percent efficient?

    I heard almost all psu (without 80+ certification) are able to give at least 80 percent efficiency... I want to buy a thermaltake litepower 350watt psu...Can this model give 80+ efficiency though it is not certified?
  5. JAYESH_

    Question Which is more efficient 1600mhz 12gb or 1866mhz 8gb?

    i do have a setup AMD A8 6600k GIGABYTE GA-F2A58M-S1 4gb 1600Mhz DDR3 want to add more ram and graphics thinking to add 8gb ram stick question is which one should i buy 1600Mhz 8gb or 1866Mhz 8gb Which is more efficient 1600Mhz 12gb(4gb + 8gb) or 1866Mhz 8gb? one more question will...
  6. testtube5

    Does enabling XMP void RAM or CPU warranty?

    I just purchased https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LQdL8K ... Installed Windows 10 Pro, updated Mobo drivers, GPU drivers etc. Ran some Benchmarks / Stress Tests for over an hour and everything is working fine. But... Since XMP is technically an overclock. Does it void RAM or CPU warranty?
  7. C

    Should i buy it?

    Hello guys ! First of all, i'm sorry if i'll make gramatical errors, English is not my native language. I want to know if it's ok to buy this second-hand computer: CPU: AMD Vishera, FX-8350 4.0GHz Motherboard: MSI 970A GAMING PRO CARBON Memory: HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL10 Dual...
  8. JDubstep

    Help Wanted: Intel/NVidia Build

    Basically I had been out of the computer building business for awhile. The last three rigs I owned were ASUS RoG laptops.They were sexy, portable, decently priced, and did what I needed them to do. After much self-contention, I set out and built myself desktop. More than a year prior, I had...
  9. J

    GTA V Lagging and Loading Issues

    Hey there Whenever I open GTA V on my pc, I get up to the point where I can choose story mode, online, or random job and I select any option and my game will become stuck on the loading screen, loading infinitely. After I exit out, I open the game in safe mode and it loads fine but the game will...
  10. TheIcedCanadian

    1440p or 4k

    I have a dual gtx 970 config with a 5820k. I need a monitor. I was wondering if a 4k or 1440p monitor would be better - they are pretty much the same price for a good one over here in Australia (~$500)
  11. BBQ_King

    Gaming rig plan.

    Hey guys i want to build a gaming rig for my friend. I'm from the philippines. He wants to play watch dogs, CoD, BF4, metro last light, grid 2 and assassins creed on ultra. The budget is php55,000. He wants an intel cpu and an asus mobo. In terms of gpu, amd or nvidia is fine. (Can a gtx 770...
  12. Z

    much needed help over clock amd-fx 6300

    I have an Amd FX-6300 CPU with a artic alpine 64 cooler that has mx-2 thermal compound. The motherboard is M5A78L-M LX PLUS AM3+ AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. I want to unlock all 6 cores and overclock it the highest I can safely. I have never overclocked and I understand that it voids the...
  13. F

    I cant figure out this problem with my computer.

    Ok, so let me start from the begining and hopfully somone could maybe dignose this from me because i even have a local repair tech stummped. Let me tell you the specs and the upgrades i made to this POS lol HP pre built (first mistake there) AMD Phenom 2 x4 840t Quadcore 2.9Ghtz Mobo is stock...