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  1. F

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus-GX Electrical Buzzing noise

    Hello! I have a Seasonic Focus GX 80+ Gold 650W that I bought in December 2020. It has been fine until about January - February when it started making some buzzing sounds. It's worse under load, as I can sometimes hear it though the headphones. If the load isn't high, then I have to get close...
  2. E

    Question PSU electric sound

    I have a Corsair HX 850 of about 2 years old. Depending on the load there is a high pitched electric sound coming from it. Unless I'm playing games the noise is less and more irregular. During games it's louder and constant. I did send it back, but I was told it was simply coil whine. Now I...
  3. F

    Question Electric buzz sound near to CPU and in rear i/o audio panel.

    Hi, can someone help me resolve my problem? I have problem with buzzing in rear i/o audio panel. If I connect my headphones to front audio out, there are NO buzzing ( interferences ) to be heard. Alsto When i'm close to my case i hear weird electrical buzz coming from inside my PC. . The...
  4. kikones34

    Question Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X making an electric buzz sound

    This problem has been puzzling me for over a week, and I have finally given up trying to solve it by myself. I recently built myself a PC (full specs at the end of the post). Everything seemed to be working correctly, so I went ahead and installed Windows 10. As soon as I connected my...