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  1. ikernelpro4

    Question More ways to save Extreme amounts of Energy/Power?

    Hey my goal is to save as much energy as I can. I turned on Energy saving mode, turned the graphics card, Bluetooth, WiFi (usb tethering hopefully saves more energy than having a WiFi module enabled) off. Limited processor cores to 2 instead of 8, shouldn't do much but hey why not. Turned off...
  2. UltimateOssas

    Question Electricity Consumption of a Laptop without Battery

    Hey! Can someone tell me if a laptop without a battery that is plugged in while it is shut down consume electricity, and if it does, how much? Recently, I removed my battery because it wasn't working anymore but I was planning to buy a new one (if I found one online) and most of the time, I...
  3. Sapaula


    Hi! So my Aunt who is from the United States sent a desktop computer to us to help my mother for her Work From home. The problem is we live in the Philippines (in Asia) where the voltage is much higher... when I plug the computer in the A.V.R and try to start it up... the fuse of the A.V.R keeps...
  4. S

    Electricity consumption help/input/opinions welcome :)

    I recently moved into a home with another couple... my boyfriend streams live on twitch and has one tower, 3 monitors and 3 lights that he uses while streaming around 5 hours when he does. He barely does this daily. It is a good source of income for us. Now the question I have for you... is it...
  5. A

    Question Should i undervolt my CPU to reduce electricity usage?

    I am a gamer. In our country we have short voltage cut offs. Where the electricity goes off for like a second and comes back immediately. Sadly i've alreayd had to change a motherboard cause my pc kept shutting down and the mobo died. I then got a UPS with 750 va . the problems is when i am...
  6. K

    Which graphics card will work best with my i5?

    I have a built desktop that has an Intel Core i5 3330 CPU, a GTX 560 SE graphics card and an Asus p8b75-v motherboard. I want to upgrade my graphics card to a newer, faster one. But I would also like it to be a good price for me (200$ or lower). I will be playing Minecraft, Bf3, MMOs on medium...