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  1. MrKingCobra23

    Question USB 3.0

    USB 3.0 not working on streaming pc for Elgato. The other ports work for other devices like headphones, but not the 3.0 which I need to stream. Help is gladly appreciated!
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Will this Capture Card work with my Motherboard?

    I have a ASRock B450M PRO4 AM4 AMD and the capture card is an Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro I'm hoping this works! And if it does, I'm a bit concerned about the dimensions of the capture card fitting in it. I'm not too fully aware where this would go, but if it's below my current graphics card...
  3. C

    Question Getting an Elgato HD60 to pass a 1080p 240hz signal through

    So in my current setup I have a desktop and a laptop, I decided to purchase an Elgato HD60 capture card to hopefully get into streaming, but upon setting it up I've come across an issue with the high refresh rate Alienware monitor I use with said desktop. When moving the cursor about on the...
  4. C

    Question Is my set up, compatible with..?

    Hello, I'm looking into getting a Capture Card to stream online both Xbox and PC; my main computer has: Intel Core i7-8565U CPU @1.80GHZ (1.99 GHz) 16GB Ram 64-bit OS Windows 10 Whereas my other laptop is older by quite a bit, running: Intel Core i3-4005U CPU @1.70GHz 6GB Ram 64 Bit OS...
  5. P

    Powercolor Red Devil 580 with this build - thoughts?

    Hi, long time lurker here but first time poster! I included all the information from the sticky post, sorry for the formatting I'm working on my second PC, I have now purchased all parts except the GPU. I've heard mixed things about this card, it was over my original budget of £200 but it seems...