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  1. JUDGE DREDD2013

    Question Mozilla Thunderbird keeps asking for Password.

    Thunderbird kept asking for the Password for my Hotmail Account. As it was the old version of it I had I uninstalled it. I then installed the latest version Thunderbird Supernova 64 BIt. It has started to ask for the Password again. It only does now and again though. I am running...
  2. B

    Question How to block these unusual spam emails ?

    screenshot Once a week, my inbox is flooded with dozens of spam emails called "John Blue. I recorded you". The sender emails each come from a different address as seen in the screenshot. i.e something like "John Blue" As this address changes for every email, I can't see how to block...
  3. S

    Question Is my email compromised?

    Hi everyone. Recently I've got warning someone tried to log in to my email acc from unknown location and google prevented him, so after that I changed my pw (2FA is already on). Later on I've received an email claiming I created snapchat account (which I didn't, I don't even use it). I ignored...
  4. S

    Question Disposable Email Server working ?

    How Disposable email server works when compared to normal email server ? What is the algorithm ? How does disposable email server creates different email aliases each time ? How do I develop my own Disposable email server ?
  5. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] Gmail Issues

    So I use Gmail via Firefox on my desktop, as well as via the Mail app on iPhone. Ever since about a week ago, when I, for example, read and delete a message on either one, the other one doesn't update with it. This is causing me to have to delete each message twice, each time. Nothing to my...
  6. H

    Question Outlook Email Hack Concern

    Something happened recently that has me very worried. I was using company computer and opening/reading company Outlook emails. I opened/viewed email attachments. At one point, I opened Internet Explorer and was checking the history. I accidentally clicked on something that looks like this (this...
  7. K

    Question Me and my families emails got hacked

    Hello, I will start this with some backstory of the event that happened. In the morning I powered on my PC and discord has automatically logged me out (I'm usually logged in automatically) and for my 5-6 years of using discord it has never logged me out. At first I thought nothing of it...
  8. L

    Question Spam emails to my wife with my name and address?

    Hi! This is a bit of a random question and I don't know if this is the right place. My wife has gotten a couple of emails pretending to be energy surveys or electricity rebates for me at my old address with my first and last name and old physical address on them. Normally I'd just mark them as...
  9. S

    Question Does Windows Server know when drive in raid fails?

    Hello, I would like to know if Windows server 2008 is able to detect that one of the the drives in Raid has failed. If not, is there a way for the Raid to communicate about failure? Beeping or email, anything. I'm using Windows server 2008 Old HP desktop server with ORCA v8.20.60.00 Any help...
  10. T

    Question MKLINK for Mailbird

    Greetings All, trust you are having a good time. I hope someone can assist me (Again). OS: Win 10. Recently I had cloned my C drive (SSD) to another SSD drive and placed into a new ASUS Vivobook Laptop (S533EA). I also cloned the D drive (Data only) to another 4Tb SSD drive (OLDTOSH D:)...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Facebook Business spam emails issue

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong category, seemed the most fitting. 2 years ago I bought an ad for my Facebook fanpage, just once. Boy, what a mistake it was. Since then I keep getting emails saying that my ad was paused and showing how it performed. Everytime I get one, I click to unsubscribe...
  12. Jfontanilla


    Hi, I have macbook, I can't connect my email to our server name. I tried to connect using different server name and it's working and connected successfully. I used mac mail app as my email client. Please help me. Thank you. Hi, Is there any way to open or use port 25 for smtp server in...
  13. F

    Question extract email from (myname)@(mydomain)

    hello, i used to own a domain i bought from namecheap last year, and from then i used (myname)@(mydomain) in daily basis at work / school and to contact my relatives and friends. suddenly the cost of the domain became incredibly expensive. is there any way to extract my contacts all in once, or...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Web browser in an email

    Hi guys, At my work, I have access to internet but only the mail box which is based on Outlook. I'd like to have access to the whole interconnected world wide Web net and I thought of a solution but I'm not sure if it's possible. Can we integrate a Web browser like chromium in a mail and...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] a website ( somehow scraped my email after I visited it just once and is now emailing me. how's this possible?

    I visited a website called from a google search, then I saw it's not the website I wanted and then I clicked away and closed the tab (google chrome). Then a couple of hours later, I got an email from on my personal email address saying "Hi, Anonymous! Please...
  16. O

    [SOLVED] Fed up with Outlook

    Hi guys. I'm moving my goods to a new Windows 10 pc (again) and again I'm faced with moving Outlook (2016) to a new pc. The PST files aren't a problem, but I lose all my account data, all my reply-to addresses, and generally have to re-set up the entire program aside from my old emails. Does...
  17. Icie_Gutkowski96

    [SOLVED] email forwarding

    hello everyone, i'm currently searching for an email provider that allows email forwarding to multiple other accounts, i have tried few and they all allow just 1. do you have any useful idea ?
  18. G

    [SOLVED] Spammed to Death

    My primary Gmail address slowly grew more and more cluttered with spam over the course of years. I didn't really care at first because it was so gradual and between different schools and jobs I was using other Gmail accounts. Meanwhile my original account got more and more cluttered with spam...
  19. elbakali9

    Question email domain

    domain name
  20. M

    [SOLVED] web mail login issues

    everytime i try to login to my yahoo e-mail the curser automatically shifts over as if i hit the tab button which i didn't. i am using on outdated version of firefox could that be the issue? i don't have that issue when i am loging in to any other webstie
  21. G

    Question Cant log into my email

    Hello! So I need access to this old email I had but I can't remember neither the password or the backup email. There is a forgotten password option and you need to fill date of birth names and an answer to a secret question. Fortunately, I know the information on all the fields except date of...
  22. R

    Question Outlook Rule to flag unanswered emails after a specific amount of time

    The company I work for is slowly trying to re-structure our email system, specifically how we respond to emails sent to our main support distro. Now instead of pretty much everyone responding to support emails as they come in, only our scheduling department (2 or 3 people) are supposed to be...
  23. B

    (Mods please close) Outlook alternatives OR Outlook junk email add-ins

    [Using Outlook 365 on Windows 10] Hey everyone, I've used Outlook for long enough to know that its junk mail options leave something to be desired. Specifically, there is no way that I know of to set up rules to send mail that goes right to your junk folder, to your deleted items folder...
  24. S

    Question ESET blocke a website while I checked my email

    I was looking through my email with the Windows 10 email app (I didn't open any), and suddenly ESET decided to block this URL This is the full log of the detection Time URL Status Application User IP address SHA1 10/24/2019 4:45:57 PM...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] easy static javascript

    Hi there, i just started using chromes extension called 'fake data', and what it do is, generating random data for regestration on a certain web sites. it uses this javascript ...
  26. H

    Question Amazon SES send e-mail to spam

    Hey, A question about sending BULK emails to users via Amazon SES, currently I use a home-made application where I can send BULK emails (newsletters) to users of this application. Now many e-mails that are sent are received in the SPAM boxes of the users. How can I fix this? All e-mails are...
  27. S

    Question Is SMTP support to send and recieve emails a common feature included with domain registration?

    I'm looking to register a domain (example: and create an email address that uses that domain name ( However, I'm getting vague information about what email services are generally included with domain registration. only provides...
  28. WildKnitter

    Question IMAP/SMTP email & Windows 10

    I recently got a computer with Windows 10, which I’ve pretty much figured out, except for one thing. I can import my gmail on the Windows 10 mail app, but not my COX email. I’ve double checked the addresses, ports, etc. but I still can’t import my email. I have no issue importing it to my Apple...
  29. N

    [SOLVED] Web-browsing / Office Suite Desktop | 300-350$ Budget | Small form-factor

    Dear Forum Purposes: I am helping a friend build a desktop PC with a budget of 300-350$ for the following: Browsing the internet. Watching Youtube. Working in Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.) Checking Email. The PC must have a small form factor, without sacrificing too much upgradability...
  30. C

    Question How can I stop nxdomain from spoofing my emails?

    I run Dmarc, SKIM, SPF on all my emails, so I run Dmarcian to monitor all outbound emails... and there are at least a few emails a day coming from China on nxdomain.. random ips, etc... How can I stop these... Can I publish a Dmarc policy for example to stop everything from China? or just...
  31. E

    Question IP Cam Setup

    Good day all, I hope this is in the correct category, I currently have 5 IP cameras, that I would like to set up for motion detection, to send email alerts to a shared mailbox. I've used my own email as the source, unfortunately, I am not getting any notifications. The specs: 3 D-link...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Office 365 room issue

    so we have an Office 365 Tenant and we have a user who is our president but he has a corporate email outside of our tenant how can he request a room to block out time to reserve it I have had him try to email the email address of the room to no luck please let me know
  33. M

    Question Is My PC Infected?

    Hi, On 3/19 I started getting emails from saying "Message not delivered. There was a problem delivering your message to <<Personal information removed by moderator>>. See the technical details below. Account disabled." There was an attachment ForwardedMessage.eml...
  34. I

    Question Recovering An Account Password Help

    Hello, I have a client that I just did some work for. It's a Church local to me. They recently bought a new computer and wanted me to transfer over their data and programs. I ended up transferring over Microsoft Office and had it activated just fine. For their email, they use Microsoft Outlook...
  35. P

    Question Protect against fake email

    I wonder is there any way to protect myself against this kind of fake email: For example some spammer sends me spam email, and in the field "From", email address is shown of my friend... No easy way to solve this problem?
  36. V

    Question Low FPS after somewhat new update

    I am having fps issues after the somewhat new Windows 10 update. New updates have come out to try fix it since then but one game has been affected heavily: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. It is still stuck at 20-40fps no matter what. It normally gets 130+ fps on Ultra with ReShade...
  37. W

    Question Switch to iphone for apple car play ( From Galaxy s8+)

    Hi, due to no support of android auto in my car ( and only apple car play - Belgium doesn't officially support android auto sadly ) i'm looking to replace my android device with an Iphone. I daily use a samsung S8+. When i compare pure technical specs to the iphone xs it almost looks like i'm...
  38. T

    Question Whic card should i buy

    Am i missing something because 1080 ti's are suddenly really cheap. Like on amazon some of them are going for £400. So my question is this OR THIS...
  39. M

    Question PC Build

    Hey guys thank you for sparing some time on my post. I have decided to upgrade and since my old PC is too outdated i will have to throw it in the trash and buy everything new. So this is the build i have made so far SSD - here I already own it. PSU - here Already own it too cuz my old one...
  40. S

    Question Will this work or too risky?