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    Question Alienware Aurora R13 - Fans Making Noise Through Speakers (EMI?)

    Ever since I upgraded to my Alienware Aurora R13, I've noticed a faint high pitched buzzing/whirring sound whenever I move my mouse and whenever CPU activity spikes. My previous speaker setup was some small 3" speakers with little output, so the sound was hardly noticeable, although I always...
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    Question Polling rate spikes from 70 to 1600hz on 2 different pcs and 4 different mice.

    Recently i`ve got a new aorus z390+9900k and a new mouse (mz1), then i measured the polling rate and saw this. What is interesting is that i had EXACTLY the same issue on my old i7 3770 and multiple mice (viper mini, gpro (wired) and fk2). And i was thinking that i just had a faulty mobo or old...
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    Question My house is 100% causing Game Stutters. Don't know if its power related or what.

    So for awhile now I've been getting these game stutters while playing online in battle royale games, or games with heavy loading and many people in it. Thought it was my PC, but it happens on PS4. I bought an entirely new PC just to test and return it, still happens. I thought it was my...
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    Input lag, RFI/EMI issues?

    Hello, I've been experiencing a weird issue for some time now since moving to my new apartement. I'll try my best to explain it as detailed and as best as possible, please bear in mind that I do not have any or atleast very little knowledge about electricity. Mainly, what I'm experiencing is...
  5. Y

    Can my pc specs can go with gtx 750 ti?

    i'm want to upgrade my GPU to gtx 750 ti but i don't know if it will work and i think my motherboard is to old... Here's my PC specs: Intel Core i5 750 2.67GHz ‏‏‎4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 Intel Corporation DP55WB (LGA 1156) 400W Power Supply
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    Cant get wireless gateway page to load?

    For whatever reason I cant get the comcast gateway address10.0.0.1 to load anymore? I used to be able to get on there no problem? Seems like ever since i got this all in one SMCD3GNV modem/router i have only been able to get that gateway to load one time before?(used to have separate modem and...
  7. ambam

    No sound in brutal doom

    I just downloaded and installed the latest brutal doom mod (v20) and used these instructions to install and set everything up, but when I play the game, there isn't any sound. http://www.dosgamers.com/dos/dos-games/d...rutal-doom I am using the gzdoom sourceport engine to play it, as it is...
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    i have 4x 1gb ram /i have 4 ram slot and i install 4 ram for for slot but bios menu reported in 4096mb and windows reported in

    i have 4x 1gb ram /i have 4 ram slot and i install 4 ram for for slot but bios menu reported in 4096mb and windows reported in
  9. R

    Xp restarts while booting

    my xp system restarts repeat while booting. i remove this hard disk from the system and connected to other system via cd drive cable. i could recovered all data from this hard disk.i could read and write to this hard disk. can solve booting problem in this hardisk through other system. please help!