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  1. RedMac

    Question X5690 vs X5687 for Emulation

    So I’ve seen the threads all over the internet for using these CPUs for gaming, but what about for emulation? I know with emulating you end being CPU bound more often due to the CPU having to emulate the graphics as well and I’m not sure if the extra cores will help in this case or if the higher...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] 4800h or 3900 for emulators which is better

    Which cpu is better for running emulators like rpcs3 and for vw vare? Will the ryzen 9 3900 12 core have a significant performance increase compared to 4800h 8 core (this is for only emulation not gaming) I've seen i9 8 core run rpsc3 games smoothing around 60fps and wanted similar performance...
  3. S

    Question is it safe to use my new laptop for gaming?

    the model is HP Laptop 15s-du0xxx and i want to use it for emulating games from ps1 ps2 and psp. keep in mind everytime i emulate a game i plug it in just in case. is it safe to plug in my laptop while 100% and playing games?
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Help need with connection

    I recently decided to repurpose some parts for an emulation machine. I’ve taken my i5 4690k, and gigabyte z97N gaming 5 and paired it with solid gear flex mini itx psu. I get power to motherboard as the fan cooler gets going. That’s of course when I attached the 24 pin connection to the mobo...
  5. O

    Question Looking at buying a micro PC for emulation. Need advice.

    I was lookin into getting on of these micro PCs for emulation...
  6. S

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 emulation capabilities

    Is the ryzen 5 3600 a good cpu for emulator use such as pcsx2? As far as my knowledge goes emulators rely on single core processing and from what ive heard the ryzen 5 3600 has better single core power compared to intel cpus such as the i5 9600. Will i get decent performence running most...
  7. J

    Question Upgrading a Ryzen to the best Ryzen available for emulation

    Hiya guys, just looking for some advice. Currently I have a Ryzen 3 1200 (lower tier Ryzen) A huge part of PC gaming for me is emulation, and as projects for later consoles have come out I wanted to improve my CPU (my GPU is fine) The thing is due to money constraints id like to get a higher...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] GPU not working properly after reapplying thermal paste

    Hello! I recently reapplied the thermal paste for my GPU (Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme) and have noticed a multitude of problems since. Firstly, the fans on the card aren't spinning, well sort of and I'll say why in a second (even putting them on 100% in MSI Afterburner doesn't do anything.)...
  9. Y

    RAM Sticks Reusable?

    I'm planning to build a new PC. Would there be a problem if I used RAM sticks from my old computer to cut down on costs?
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Anti aliasing on laptop getting worse

    I have a two year old dell laptop with an nvidia graphic card which overheats while playing games, what bothers me is that the anti aliasing in games are getting worse. Could it be a hardware problem? I'm sure its not a driver issue cause I've checked into it.
  11. A

    High frame times in all games

    I've been battling this issue for some time now and still haven't been able to solve it... Basically, i noticed that games were choppy and stuttery, so I started monitoring and noticed that everything seems normal except for FRAME TIME, which stays in the high 20s even though the fps high and...
  12. AndrewFreedman

    Macs With Apple-Made CPUs Could Debut in 2020

    An Apple analyst with a great track record thinks Apple could be off Intel chips by 2020. Macs With Apple-Made CPUs Could Debut in 2020 : Read more
  13. T

    Recover partition/drive bootable image

    Hi, I accidentally created an recovery image on my 1TB flash which including my two drives full of files in it. How could I restore my drives back? Thanks
  14. W

    Questions about SSD compatibility regarding motherboard

    Hello there everyone, This is a first time post for me and I have to admit, I am a complete noob when it comes to pc hardware and software. I will definitely appreciate your help on this. Since I am a noob, I brought a prebuilt PC for gaming. Now, I am looking at making an upgrade to this PC...
  15. M

    Open Cl problems (Help needed)

    Just for relevant info, CHeck this website, This states it has OPenCl, So am i right in thinknig it will support opencl if i install the offerd drivers... Correct card and everything. Thanks. http://www.hisdigital.com/gb/product2-490.shtml Hi folk,s Can...
  16. A

    Acer laptop not starting / No bootable device, please restart

    Sorry if my English is not good First of all, gotta say I've rode a lot of articles but there's nothing like my case... Well, last night while I was using that computer I heard a strange sound, few time later screen was not working, the image was frozen or something like that. I forced a...
  17. M

    RX 460 and i7-4790 (non K)

    Will i have a bottleneck if i upgrade my video card to rx 460 while using i7-4790 (non K)? Thanks! My current build: i7-4790, geforce gt 730 2gb ddr3, 8gb ram, 520W 80+ bronze PSU
  18. F

    Is it possible to mitigate microstuttering in PC games?

    Is it possible to mitigate the effects of microstuttering in PC games when using SLI systems?
  19. R

    4gb but only 1.93gb usable

    Hello I have a little problem with my 4gb of ram : I was using my computer and suddenly he restarded then my pc was so slow because I have only 1.93 gb usable I also tried to untick the max memory size in the msconfig but nothing happens can I get some help please Thanks in advance Ps...
  20. H

    Will the Intel Core i3 7300 (4.0 GHz) bottleneck the GTX 1060 6gb?

    Hi there. I know you are probably sick of getting these "will this CPU bottleneck this GPU" but I struggle to find someone that has the same situation as me here. Anyway, I am looking for a CPU which will barely be good enough to not bottleneck the GTX 1060 6gb without going above £150. I was...