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  1. J

    Question What is a good pc build for heavily modding that’s around 800$

    I am building my very first pc and I want to be able to heavily mod and have a ENB for games like Fallout new Vegas. Does anybody know a good computer build that is around 800$-900$?
  2. K

    Are these components compatible with each other?

    Hello everyone, i am planning on building a pc and i was wondering if these components are compatible with each other. CPU: Intel core i5-4690k Mother Board: MSI z97 Gaming 3 Graphics Card: MSI GTX 970 RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3 SSD: Kingston SSD HyperX Savage 240GB HDD: Seagate BARRACUDA 7200...
  3. 4

    What is the best motherboard i can get for my build

    i5-6600k msi r9-390 i have chosen other parts but im new to this and im not rly sure. My budget is £900 but i have a bit of room. Will be playing a range of games looking to get at least 10fps 144p on minesweeper na but rly please help im a newfag. p.s. my theme is black/red
  4. S

    Can this build run GTA V?

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rfVFVn And at what settings?
  5. Tsn4help

    Had to take apart laptop and now it turns on when i open the lid but shuts right away.

    Can this be because of a screw missing or in wrong place. I noticed i put one screw to early and you can see the philips through the hole but under the peice i was suppose to screw it in. HOw can i trouble shoot this?
  6. S

    Not compatible with speedfan

    I have a ASRock B75m-GL r2.0, great mobo but, it isn't compatible with speedfan. I have been searching a lot the past week trying to find a program that will work with my mobo. I have come up with nothing besides using speedfan. Also my bios doesnt give me an option to change how i want my fans...
  7. BlackoutzDK

    2 x 8 pin on graphics card my PSU have 4 x 6+2

    I got my new Graphics card GTX 970 Extreme but now i'm pretty much stuck and don't know what to do. Along with the card i got two 8 pin to 4 pin connectors.. Am i supposed to have 4 x PCI-e with 6+2 to each of the 4 pin connections? My PSU is a AX850
  8. J

    Need help new 1ms 24" monitor or old 5ms 19" with $199

    Hello, I have hit an interesting problem, i currently have a 19" lenovo thinkvision with a 5ms response time but I want to get a new 24" Benq RL2455HM with a response time of 1ms, buying the new will set me back a precious $199 that I could push elsewere within my computer (I was thinking a...