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  1. F

    Connecting MacBook + Jupiter 50 + Speakers

    I need advice. Keyboard: Jupiter 50 keyboard http:// Computer: Macbook Pro Speakers: Genelec 8000 http:// I would like to connect my Keyboard And Laptop to speakers or headphones, so that i could listen to sounds from my laptop and play and hear my keyboard at the same time. Either through...
  2. Matthew-san

    Best CPU to pair with a R9 390?

    I'm planning on putting a computer build together that will play the majority of PC games out there at 60 fps at 1080p resolution. I need a good Intel CPU to go along with it and one that won't bottleneck the 390. I was thinking that i5-4460 might be a good choice. Does anyone have any other...
  3. S

    Best micro ATX mobo + cpu under $250

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of building my first computer. And was wondering about your suggestions for a micro atx board and cpu. I already have some stuff, Asus gtx 750ti oc GPU, corsair cx600 PSU, some sata wd HDD I already had and a Cool Master hyper 212 evo cooler. So the board and...
  4. T

    Will a GTX 750TI fit into a MSI-2AE0 motherboard?

    I have a MSI 2AE0 motherboard and I am wondering whether a GTX 750Ti will fit into it! Thanks
  5. U

    Is this psu compatible with my rig

    Hi Guys, My rig as follows: intel i5 4670 Gigabyte b85md3h motherboard 2x4gb ddr3 ram 1 TB seagate HDD 1 dvd rw drive geforce gtx 970 i am planning to buy psu for my rig and i am planning to buy the psu from below link, so please let me know whether it is good choice or not...
  6. D

    Noctua PPC 2000RPM vs Alpenföehn WingBoost 2 for case fans.

    I'm in the process of upgrading my case's fans -right now LianLi Armorsuit PC P80 with stock 140mm-blue led-noisy-fans-, and after a bit of research I've found this Alpenföehn WingBoost 2 that seems to match perfectly with my needs: dead silent -underlined because that's my main priority here-...
  7. J

    New FM2 Motherboard

    I got a AMD Athlon X4 760K processor and i want a new MB because my current is just plain bad. I am on a budget but that isnt much of a problem i just dont want a 150 dollar MSI supa dupa x999999 elite motherboard :P. A red and black color pattern whould be nice but isnt a requirement. Anyone...
  8. D

    Good Gaming Headset?

    As the title states i'm looking for a good gaming headset. My budget is $250 (no more) and the headset would be used on PC and Xbox One. Please list a few good ones! Thanks!
  9. O

    Is it possible to upgrade an older Macbook Pro?

    Hey guys, I have an older Macbook Pro 17''. My hard drive just failed on it. And I've looked at upgrading to one of the newer macbooks, but I REALLY like having a 17'' anti-glare screen. Which they don't make anymore. I don't want to just replace the hard drive, because the processor and ram...
  10. M

    Help! What graphics card should I get?

    Hello there! I need your help. Today I was playing Minecraft and it crashed multiple times than ever before, Its bad enough that I only get around 15-25 Fps. I grew tired of not being capable of running most games and refraining from buying what I wanted but today I decided I wanted to upgrade...
  11. W

    First gaming build help?

    Building a $1300 CAD gaming build in a few weeks and this is what I've come up with so far. I'm planning on oc the cpu to 4.5+ GHz. Looking for tips on better parts or anything in general. PCPartPicker part list: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/X6JWTW Price breakdown by merchant...
  12. S

    new ram no sound

    hi there, i got a new pair of ram 2x2gbs ddr2, and when i put thrm on my pc only found 3005 mb of ram instead of 4gb, with resource monitor saing 1040 reserved... my hardware is intel core 2 duo 6600 and my VGA is a 2gb amd radeon 5055 i think... and also the sound is off..soooo when i tried to...
  13. T

    Would It Be Possible To Glue a cooler to a CPU?

    i'm planning to build a cheap server, a couple xeons in the LGA771 socket, but i can't find any coolers that will cool effectively, and it needs to be cheap too. on to the important stuff: i have a couple of stock AMD coolers laying around, and i'm wondering if it would be possible to glue the...
  14. not you

    LGA 2011-v3 vs 1151

    hello community i have an a10-6800k and im into upgrading it mobo+cpu i was sure that i wait for skylake since my a10 can hold prety good now but then i saw the intel LGA 2011-v3 cpus are not so expensive here: i7 4790k=i5 4690k= i7-5820K they are roughly the same price here no kidding all...
  15. I

    are my benchmarks normal for a gtx 770 in 3dmark?

    are my benchmarks normal? http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/6783921? specs in signature
  16. Ragnarous

    Can someone tell me the best motherboard for 1150 socket?

    I want to know the best motherboard for 1150 socket, not feature wise but durability and less DOA or boot or i don't know what else problems, since i bought 2 asus motherboards and both started to become faulty (fried usb's, damaged pci slot from factory, and blue screens of death) I dont really...
  17. T

    Upgrading Advice (Weakest Component?)

    Approximate Purchase Date: Next few weeks. Budget Range: Want to keep it under 300 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming Movies The rest Are you buying a monitor: Nope Parts to Upgrade: Motherboard/CPU/Memory <---1 of those Do you need to buy OS: No Preferred Website(s)...
  18. B

    Firefox wont start

    Click on the icons and nothing happens. Cant open firefox in safe mode either. When I boot the computer in safe mode and try to open Firefox I get the error message, "The instruction 0x001c1aa4 referenced memory 0x00000000. Memory could not be read."
  19. T

    Graphics and PSU question???

    i wanna know if a gigibyte gtx 970 will work with a cx600m psu. the only reason im asking is beacause the gigabyte version requires a 8 and 6 pin power connector and the psu has a 6+2 x2 power connectors. idk if that mean it will work together as this is going to be my first build
  20. G

    Buy Illustrator CS6 for cheap or go with the Illustrator CC subscription for 20 dollars a month?

    Hello Should I buy Illustrator CS6 for cheap or should I go with the Illustrator CC subscription service for 20 dollars a month?