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  1. G

    Which quad core do you recommend?

    I was wonder which of these would you recommend getting? Q6600 or any of the Q8***?'s
  2. damithagg

    DDR3 1600 Ram for an AMD based rig

    I need some DDR3 1600 for MSi 785gm and AMD x4. Alot of the RAM says it is tested with intel boards and so they dont guarantee same CL as they state for the intel systems. Can someone recomend some good ram to run on my AMD system.
  3. belezeebub

    Fastest Video for dell vostro 200 (NO Power needed)

    A few years ago I gave my neice a dell vostro 200 For Christmas this year I want to add some memory and a video card what is the best gaming card that DOES NOT require external power there is no room for a bigger PS in this case I was thinking 6750 6670 or Gt 240
  4. M

    HDMI out to TV

    Hi, I am struggling with HDMI connection. I can display picture but not sound. :( I am trying to connect my Dell mini 10 laptop with Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 500 / High Definition Audio HDMI / Realtec Audio output / Windows XP to a Panasonic TV. Many thanks, :pt1cable:
  5. J

    AMD user going AMD, how is this setup?

    Hey guys. I'm finally getting a chance to upgrade from my current setup and would like to know what you think. Current setup; AMD 3700+ 2.21ghz cpu Asus A8N deluxe mobo 2 gb (512x4) ram nVidia 9800 gtx+ For the new system, I don't want to overclock but I do want something fast. I will be...
  6. S

    Bsod driver_irql_not_less_or_equal?

    I didn't know where to post this but since i got a new cpu ill post it in here, ive been getting this error when i play games and i have a file i want to attach its the dmp file but i don't know if im allowed? Anyone able to help? Installed a AMD Athlonx2 7750 in place of a Phenom 9500 for the...
  7. R


    Hl all!! :bounce: My question is; I`ve built a system with the following components; AMD 6600+ motherboard; foxconn(most simple one) Videocard ; Nvidia 9600 gt...
  8. M

    Drivers for umax astra 4100

    Hello, i m not able to found the drivers for umax astra 4100 scanner of windows 7 OS. can u help me? \
  9. D

    Software installation error finder

    Hello, While installing MP3 Cutter we have got an error saying "Component 'Comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid". Please help us to rectify the same. Regards DILU T S diluts@yahoo.com
  10. M

    CPU not running at full speed while stress testing.

    Hi lads! I just got my PC to work! It's my first build, so i'm ever so happy! My CPU is a E8400. Anyhow, i downloaded some software, CPU-Z, Prime95 and CoreTemp. And while running Prime95 i noticed that my CPU-Z recorded only around: Core Speed 2671,5MHZ multiplier set at x 8.0 rated FSB at...
  11. M

    Please help me with my RAM

    There are a few things about my RAM I'd like to understand. First, it's OCZ Platinum Revision 2. The specs are there on NewEgg's product page. Also my motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Okay, so: 1) What should I do about the voltage? The voltage for the RAM shows 1.9-2.1V; but I don't...
  12. J

    System Testing

    After I get my system built and OS installed. What are good tests to run to see if the system is stable?
  13. K

    casing problem...

    when i setup my mobo inside the casing,i can turn on,but no display... when i setup my mobo outside the casing,my pc working well...so..there is a problem with the casing..anybody can tell me,how to setup the mobo inside the casing,without having short circuit??i'm quit stupid about this...huhu...
  14. T

    Comparing older processor to new ones

    Can someone tell me how I would compare my existing 4 year old pentum 4 2.53 GHz with systems that are currently on the market. I want something as good or better and I was hoping that there was a chart that compared the speed of all the new processors as well as older ones. Thanks in advance...
  15. L

    Big and quiet case

    I’m looking for a case that is big enough to fit a Geforce 8800 GTS video card, but also relatively quiet as I am going to be doing some music recording. Also it should have good airflow and preferebly not cost more than 200 USD. Finally, there should be room to install a PCI sound card...