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  1. A

    Question How to enable bitlocker for domain laptops?

    Hello, my question is about bitlocker. I have gone through many different tutorials and websites, and been trying to get this to work for 7 hours now. No luck so far. My simple question is how to enable bitlocker for domain laptops? So if it gets stolen for example, and leaves domain, then the...
  2. vasudgama

    [SOLVED] Decrypt Msr file of Samsung Secret Zone?

    I have Samsung M3 1TB portable Drive. which got corrupted. I recovered all data including "Samsung Secret Zone Virtual partition" which is MSR file and now not accessible. Can I put that file in new Samsung M3 drive (I have to buy if needed) and open it? Please Assist me.
  3. E

    Question Webcloak USB encryption/security device

    Hello- Has anyone tested one of these devices to see if it does what it claims to do? Googling finds basically no testing/reviews. It was a Kickstarter thing, now it's sold at Frys. I know there are things like Tails you can install on a USB yourself, but for somebody like my mom, this would...
  4. G

    Dell Precision 5510 upgradibility

    Hi guys, quick questions regarding upgrades to the Precision 5510, as they are not available on the Dell website: * 2 sticks of 8GB SO-DIMM ECC memory? * A 1TB SSD as second drive? Is this possible if i buy these items by myself? Don't know how upgradable the Precision 5510 is or even if these...