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  1. Sounak Nag

    Question GPU never more than 0%

    I have intel HD integrated graphics (with no number behind it) and no matter what its always 0%, even in games. My laptop has only one GPU with microsoft basic display adapter, when I switch to basic display adapter the resolution get lowered and its still 0%.My laptop is a dell inspiron 1564...
  2. E

    Question Can't achieve a solid 144 fps with a gamer PC

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Ram: G.Skill DDR4 3600 16GB RipJaws V CL19 KIT (2x8GB) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X BOX (AM4) (with a bequiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler on it) GPU: Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+ SE 8GB PSU: Seasonic Focus 650 Gold Semi-modular SSD: ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 256GB HDD: 1 TB WD...
  3. X

    Question getting same fps as i get on ultra on low

    hi! i have a pretty high end pc and it cant run pretty much all the games it should be able to run. my issue is that no matter what settings or resolution im on, ill get low fps (playing on ultra gives me the same fps as playing on potato settings and res). its really stressful because i saved...
  4. X

    Question high end gaming pc can't run some of the easiest games...help please

    hi! i used to have a pretty crappy pc so a few months ago i decided to upgrade and bought all new parts and built another pc. the problem is it cant run anything and its really frustrating. i cant run some of the easiest games at a steady 60fps on LOW. for example: fortnite, minecraft, gang...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] What is the best DDR3 CPU?

    So i decided i want to get back into PC gaming however because my PC is old it is still DDR3 ans games like rust and popular battle royales are unplayable. I was just wondering what the best compatible CPU would be to run the more modern games
  6. T

    FPS Drop For A Min But Temps Shows Nothing Overheat

    Hello thanks for helping. Here my spec (based on dxdiag thing) Laptop - Alienware 15 R2 Proc - Core i7-4710HQ Ram - 16,384GB BIOS - A00 Display - GTX980m / Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Ive asked many people and once in this forum about my problem which the FPS Drop like some minutes and go back...
  7. K

    What is the Best Combo for a CPU + Motherboard + RAM for around 250 dollars?

    The PC I have is a pre-build and the model number of the PC is h8-1230z Specs: AMD FX - 8120 460 Watt HP Powersupply HP Pavilion Elite Angelica Motherboard M3970am 652951-001 Am3b AMD AMD 7570 Graphics 1 TB Seagate The purpose of the build is to get good gaming performance as well as a well...
  8. R

    matching the power of speaker and amplifier

    I have 2 750 watts speaker 8 ohms what is power of my amplifier will i need?
  9. E

    Asus Sabertooth 990 FX R3 HDD light always on and Audio problems.

    I just returned one R3 board where the audio turned into high pitched "whines" There are other things but obviously something was wrong. The first thing I noticed on that returned MB was the HDD led was always on. This replacement as the same issues I fear so I better ask the questions I can't...
  10. T

    Asus Rampage V Extreme vs edition 10

    I was about to buy Asus Rampage V Extreme (X99) but then i heard that a newer version was released also known as Rampage V edition 10(It costs almost 20 dollars more according to my country). Is the new successor edition 10 truly worth instead of old Extreme version? is the RGB LIGHTING the only...
  11. P

    Voltage locked by Windows?

    In my rig I have 4 GPUs, a 980 Ti, 950, 720, and OEM 620 (the relabeled 520) and I use the 620 and 720 for folding@home. The issue is actually with the 950. I can't change the core voltage and what it's set to seems to depend on how Windows feels on any given day. Sometimes it's locked at base...
  12. S

    battlefield 4 with core i3 3220

    hi guys i can play bf4 ultra with core i3 same as i7 ????
  13. C

    windows 8 32 bit to windows 64 vista back to windows 8 64

    So I bought a windows 8 upgrade which came with a 32-bit and 64-bit disc. I installed the 32-bit then decided later I wanted to go 64-bit. I upgraded from vista 32 bit. I want to upgrade windows 8 32-bit to 64-bit but I can't. If I went from my 32-bit copy to a 64 bit copy of vista, could I got...